A Comparison of Discipline Models - Essay

Topics: Education, Teacher, Classroom Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: October 3, 2012
A Comparison of Discipline Models
Stephen Zehnder
Grand Canyon University: EDU 536
August 28, 2012
Discipline| Strengths| Weaknesses| Advantages| Disadvantages| Agree or Disagree?| Wong’s Pragmatic Classroom| -Students clearly understand what is expected from them.-It is the Wong’s belief that student success stems from “established, well workable procedures” and that “most students will conduct themselves acceptably if they are taught the procedures that lead to learning and responsible behavior.” (Charles, 2008, p. 136).| -Requires a significant amount of time dedicated to teaching procedures and discipline plan as opposed to curriculum.-Relies heavily on the success of the teacher effectively managing the classroom in the first two weeks.-If a teacher is unprepared would be very difficult to implement the strategies.| -Gives a very detailed description on how teachers should begin first 5 minutes, first day, and first two weeks of class.-Allows for very detail and clearly defined procedures and disciplines so that there is minimal confusion.| -There is little detail given on what to do after the first two weeks.-Developing, planning and teaching the procedures and discipline plans seem tedious and time consuming.| I personally like a lot of the principles of Wong’s pragmatic classroom. I agree on the importance of establishing clearly defined rules and procedures early so that students know what to expect and there are no surprises. However I do not believe that the procedures have to be so specific and the classroom rules can be more general so that they can be applied to many situations.| Keagan, Kyle, &Scott’s Win-Win Discipline| -Allows for students to have their input as to how the class operates.-Creates a connection between a student’s self-interest and the classroom’s interest.-Minimize disruptions in the classroom with preemptive measures.| -Requires students to gradually develop these skills.-The discipline also needs...
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