Classroom Management Observation

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Did you view the elementary or secondary video? * Elementary 1. Observation and Description A. Describe the observed classroom routines.The class starts with the children removing materials from their desk to get organized. Having the children remove all materials from their desk to organize them according to size teaches the children to have respect for their property and others. Next, the children go on a classroom tour. She also discusses the procedure for signing books in and out of the classroom library. Next, she describes the procedures for if students want to borrow materials off the teacher’s desk. The students must always ask. Then, the children go over the schedule, so they know, what to expect throughout the school day. After that, the children learn the importance of attending school on a daily basis. Next, the teacher has the students’ line up. The first time students are required to line up; the teacher explains the procedure and the reason. Then the teacher discusses signing in and out procedures for going to the office, the restroom, and the nurse station. The students must sign out, print their name on the appropriate line, and circle the place they are going, then put the time, and take a pass. The students learn that they have more freedom in the third grade than second, because they no longer have to ask to get water at the water fountain and sharpen pencils, as long as there is no one else at the water fountain, or the pencil sharpener. Finally, the students learn the procedures for getting crayons and other materials. The same rules apply as long as no one is at the crayon or material station the students can go ahead and get crayons. The students must grab a basket, grab a handful of crayons for the basket, and go quietly back to their seats. This will decrease classroom interruptions and will gain a sense of trust between the students and the teacher. B. Describe the implementation methods of routines in the observed classroom.The teacher implements the methods of routines as she would any other subject. For example, if the teacher were teaching math, she would describe it, explain it, and then have the children practice it. In the video, the teacher described to the students how they would line up, then she explained why they would line up that way, and then she let the children practice. 2. Analysis, Exploration and Reasoning A. Predict students’ level of engagement with the observed classroom routines.The students level of engagement is high the children are enthusiastic about learning what the teacher expects of them. Later in the school year, I predict that the student will have the same level of engagement as from the first day of school. The children will know what the teacher expect of them, regarding routines and procedures. The routines and procedures will become more of a habit. B. Analyze a possible purpose for the observed classroom routine. The purpose for the children removing all items from their desk and organizing them according to size is so that the children will know where all books and materials are at all times. This will decrease the amount of classroom disruptions, because the children will not have to go back and forth to their book bags and other areas of the classroom to get materials. The materials are in an organized area in the desk. 3. Connections to other teaching practices A. Explain the purpose of the observed classroom routines as they relate to the learning environment.The purpose of having the children take a classroom tour is to familiarize themselves with centers and materials so the children will know exactly where to go when they need certain things, which will cause less classroom disruptions. The observed routines relates to an improved learning environment for the...
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