A Comparative Study of Promotional Activities of Daily Newspapers Before and During Fifa World Cup2010

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A Comparative Study of Promotional Activities of Daily Newspapers before and during FIFA World Cup2010

University of Dhaka
Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Submitted to:

Md. Safayat Hossain
Department of Accounting & Information Systems
University of Dhaka

August 11, 2010


We hereby take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our guide Md. Safayat Hossain for providing us an opportunity to do a report on “A Comparative Study of Promotional Activities of Daily Newspapers before and During FIFA World Cup 2010”.

Last but not the least, our million thanks to the authority of newspaper archive of University of Dhaka.


World Cup Football is one of the biggest occasions. This occasion opens the door of opportunity for corporate world. Corporate world use this occasion to promote their brand to attract new customers as well as to hold existing customers. Newspapers industry has a direct connection with World Cup as they provide news of sports to the people. World Cup creates craze among people. Newspapers use this craze to promote themselves. They generally provide supplements which give additional space for news of World Cup. As people are very much interested in news of World Cup newspaper take this opportunity to increase their customers by their supplement. Newspapers also conduct quizzes which have attractive items as prizes. These quizzes also attract customers.

1.0) Introduction

Promotional activities play an important role to attract new customers as well as to retain existing customers. Promotional activities include advertisement, sales promotion, personal communication, publicity and public relations etc. Companies try to promote their product in many ways. Specially during an event like World Cup, companies change and increase their promotional activities.

In this report we showed and compared promotional activities and promotional strategies of newspapers before world cup and during world cup.

1.1) Objective of the Report

The objective of this report is to show a comparative study of promotional activities of newspaper before World Cup and after World Cup. This will help to understand how promotional strategies change for an event like World Cup.

1.2) Limitation of the Report

To prepare this report only three popular newspapers were considered. So this report does not show the promotional activities of all the newspapers of Bangladesh.

1.0) Marketing Communications Mix

Fig 1: Marketing Communications Mix

2.0) Promotion Under the Veil of CSR

Now a day’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gain much attention of the corporations as well as civil society’s. Corporations are involving them in more and more activities related with social welfare. Because- “….. islands of wealth cannot survive in a sea of poverty …..” -JRD Tata

Corporations are involving them in CSR for ethical bindings, tax rebate and to increase their corporation’s brand equity. Corporations take their chance to promote their brand in the social welfare activities. Through CSR they get a chance to make a good influence and to make their brand popular among the citizens of the society. This helps them to hold their existing market, to gain new customers and to increase volume of consumption of their product.

Newspaper industry has also involved them in CSR. Newspaper industry usually does not give advertisement or follow other promotional channels. But in case of market penetration new newspapers use many promotional activities like- Advertisement (Broadcast, Print and Internet), Publicity & Public Relations (Special Events, Sponsorship). They also keep their price comparatively very low to penetrate market. But CSR has become the main media for promoting newspapers....
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