A Comparative Study in Jk Tyre on Employee Satisfation

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Human resource comprise the aggregate of employee attributes including knowledge, skills, experience and health, which are presently and potentially available to an organization for the achievement o its goals. In other word human resources consist of the value of the productive capacity of the firm’s human organization. Of all the resource of an organization, the human resources are recognized as the most vital and the most valuable. It the quality of human resource that ultimately determines the success of an organization. The importance of an human factor also stems from the fact that whereas all other resource depreciate in value by the use with the passage time, the human resource appreciate in value through the acquisition of greater knowledge through experience and thus reflect an inherent dynamism and development potential. This is essentially the rational of increasing attention to human resource development by the modern organization.

Harbinson and Myres have aptly define human resource development as the process of increasing the knowledge, skills and capacity of all the people in a country. To quote T.V. Rao, HRD is a continuous planned process by which the employees are helped to:

i.Acquire a sharpen capabilities required to perform various function associated with their present or expected future roles.

ii.Develop their general capabilities as individual and discover and exploit their own inner potentials for their own and/or organization development purposes.

iii.Develop a organization culture in which supervisor-subordinate relationships, teamwork and collaboration among sub-units are strong and contribute to the professional well-being, motivation and pride of employee.

Though the broad objective is to study the effect of HRD practices on employee satisfaction, the detail objective are as follows:

1.To study the effect of training & development on employee satisfaction. 2.To study the effect of performance appraisal on employee satisfaction. 3.To study the effect of job rotation on employee satisfaction. 4.To study the effect of job enrichment on employee satisfaction. 5.To study the effect of HRD practices on employee satisfaction. 6.To open up new vitas of research.


A.The study
The study was exploratory in nature with survey being used as a method to complete the study.

B.Sampling design

a.SAMPLE POPULATION: All the employee of JK TYRE plants held in Banmore.

b.SAMPLING FRAME: Employees of JK Tyre plants like main plant, DM plant, Boiler, maintenance etc.

c.SAMPLING ELEMENT: Individual employees of various plant of JK Tyre held in Banmore.

d.SAMPLING SIZE: 50 respondents was the sample size.

e.SAMPLING TECHNIQUES: Non probability Judgmental sampling technique was used to collect the data.

C.Tools for the data collection

Self-designed questionnaires were used to solicit responses from the respondent. The responses were taken on the likert scale type of 1 to 5. Where 1 represents minimum satisfaction and 5 represents maximum satisfaction.

D.Tools for data analysis

Make the excel sheet over the data collected.
Make the diagrams all questions and answers.
According to diagrams discuses the suggestion.


Q.1 – vki vius dk;Z ls dgk¡ rd lar"V gSa\

Q.2- vkidks ts ds Vk;j esa dk;Z djus dk dSlk okrkoj.k fey jgk gS\

Q.3 –dk;Z ds le; feyus okys czsd ls vki dgk¡ rd larq"V gSa\

Q.4 –daiuh ds vf/kdkjh vkids lkFk dSlk O;ogkj djrs gSa\

Q.5 –daiuh ds izca/ku ls vki dgk¡ rd larq"V gSa\

Q.6 –vkids o vkids ifjokj ds dY;k.k ds fy, daiuh }kjk pyk;h tk jgh ;kstukvksa ls vki dgk¡ rd larq"V gSa\

Q.7 –vkids Hkfo; fuekZ.k esa daiuh }kjk pykbZ tkus okyh ;kstukvksa ls vki dgk¡ rd lar"qV gSa\

Q.8 – vki vius dk;Z djus ds le; ls dgk¡ rd larq"V gSa\

Q.9 – IykaV ds vanj ds okrkoj.k ls dgk¡ rd larq"V gSa\...
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