Questionnaire on Employee Retention

Topics: Employment, The Program, Computer program Pages: 3 (408 words) Published: November 17, 2011
1.How is your relationship with the Reporting manager?
A) Excellent B) Very good C) Good D) Poor E) Worst

2. Do you have Rewards and recognition on your achievements? •Yes ()
•No ()

3. Is it important that appreciation for your work by your coworkers and supervisors? •Yes ( )
•No ( )

4. Are the Facilities provided by the organization good (cafeteria, transport and other corporate services)? •Yes ( )
•No ( )

5. How do you rate the infrastructure and equipment provided? A) Excellent B) Very good C) Good D) Poor E) Worst

6. Does the retention bonus have any impact on the motivation levels and performances of an associate? •Yes ( )
No ( )

7. Does Fun at work have any impact on Motivation levels of employees? •Yes ( )
•No ( )

8. Do you have an opportunity to share your ideas at work?
•Yes ( )
•No ( )

9. Do you have any training programs conducted?
•Yes ( )
•No ( )
Mention the training program attended….

10. If you want to leave the organization, what would be the reason? a. Personal Reasons ( )
b. Team fitment ( )
c. Career opportunity ( )
d. Others ( )

11. Do you feel that the company provides opportunities for your growth and development? •Yes ( )
•No ( )

12. Did any company policies or procedures (or any other obstacles) make your job more difficult? •Yes ( )
•No ( )

13. Mention the reasons for attrition?

14. Mention the reasons to retain you in the organization?

15. Mention the reasons, how can an organization have a maximum utilization of the potential skills of their resource?

16. Mention the training programs required

Reason for leaving the job? Explanation

What could be the company have done differently that could have caused you to stay with the company? If No, Then ask for that

How u compare your job with your co-workers??

How u describe your relationship with your immediate manager?

How u describe the importance of your job in...
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