A Collection of My Works During the Class of Business Writing

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Advanced English|
A collection of my works during the class of Business Writing| |
Yao Ping-hung|

The Software of Business Writing Program

Writing process:
1. stage
2. think about reader
3. structure

Something important
1.“Style” is a choice of language (formal, informal)
2.Make at least two drafts
3.Proofread when your mind is fresh
4.“layout” is all-important in producing an impressive-looking 5.Document(about how it looks, positions words in)
6.Email, letters, phone calls are media
7.“flow” the idea leads to the next

Messagereadersstructurewritingdraft and redraftdeliver document

A document breaks down:
Document sections paragraph sentences phrases words

※Don’t end up with a beautifully crafted first half and a rushed and messy second half.

The writing process
Before start
1. Why am I writing
2. Who will read the document

1. Selecting date: determine information and function
2. Ordering
3. Tone
4. Presentation
5. Visual
6. Schedule

The first draft
1. Even short document we should do draft.
2. An attempt to get all ideas down on paper.
3. In one sitting.
4. Just write what comes in mind.
5. Prepared to change argument when writing.

Evaluating the first draft
1. Better after first draft a week.
2. Type of writing, purpose and detail, structure
3. Focusing on the reader

1. Detect incorrect use
2. Diagnose
3. Solve

Final draft
1. presentation
2. proofreading
Final reading
25 Apology
Email 1: formal
I am writing on behalf of Promotional Products in relation to your recent complaint. I was very concerned to learn about the problems you experienced and the unprofessional conduct of our sales staff. Please accept my sincere apologies for everything that happened, and thank you for bringing it to my attention. You can have my assurance that I will resolve the matter to your satisfaction.We will send replacement items immediately, at our expense, and I will personally make sure that the order is correct. To compensate for the inconvenience caused we will also send you a credit note to be used against any items in our catalogue. I have already spoken to the sales staff involved regarding the incident and we are making sure that in the future all customer complaints are dealt with in a polite and helpful manner.Once again, I hope you will accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. I very much hope you will continue to use our services in the future. If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact me on my direct line given below.| -------------------------------------------------

1. -------------------------------------------------
apologize regarding to recent complaint
2. -------------------------------------------------
solutions: did and will do
3. -------------------------------------------------
apologize again and hoping a future business

Email 2: informal (between closed friends)
Laura, I’m wring for all our family to say thank you very much for letting us stay at your seaside house at the weekend, we really enjoyed it. By now you have probably heard from your neighbors about the unfortunate behavior of my teenage son Harry and his friends when they came back from the pub late on Saturday night. I’m really sorry for all the noise they made, and for the damage they caused to your neighbor’s garden. You can be sure that I will do everything possible to sort out the problem. I’ll contact your neighbors directly and offer to pay for any damage. As a friendly gesture I’ll also send them some flowers and a box of chocolates. I’ve...
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