Personal Narrative Paper

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Haley Paulson
Personal Narrative Paper

It was a beautiful day in Plymouth, Minnesota. The smell of summer was in the air and the grass was greener than ever. The birds were chirping and the trees were swaying in the sweet summer breeze. The sunshine is streaming through the cloudless skies... and Anna is smacked down by an offender! The offender, the meanest and biggest girl on the Plymouth soccer team definitely knows how to play dirty and get away with it. I call her Four, which was her number. Four grabs the ball with her feet and comes sprinting towards me, one on one. She winds up for her shot, I jump to get set. The shot is fired and... It was the summer of 2011 and my soccer team and I were signed up to play in the Plymouth tournament. We were having a great year and came into this tournament determined to win. We get to the field and start prepping for the first game against Plymouth themselves. Its daybreak, and the fog is as thick as frozen peanut butter. The grass has a light dew on it, I have to make sure to keep my gloves dry. The game begins and we score right away, and again, and again. Then she shows up, shoving 3 of our defenders to the ground trying to get the ball. The ref does not call her for anything so I yell at her that she needs to keep it clean and calm down. She gets in my face and starts swearing like crazy and bumping me with her hands, I just walk away and remember the number on her jersey. Four. We end up winning that game four to zero, an easy win. My whole team was thankful that we did not have to play against Four again. Our second game was on a turf field, which is the worst because the ball rolls like it would on a gym floor and every time you fall or dive you get a turf burn. We played Dakota Rev, every team has a hatred for Dakota Rev. They are this cities soccer organization for kids who were gifted with soccer skills, but they are beatable. It was tied one to one with one minute left when Sydney, one of our best...
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