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Zeitoun and the Ego Ideal

Zeitoun is a strong role model to his community, clients, and family. This ego ideal was built up as he grew up in a large family and worked to support them by fishing for sardines. His ego ideal of being a role model is shown with his determination, hard work, and family devotion. This is how Zeitoun views himself, and how he wants others to view him.

Kathy, Zeitoun’s wife, explains his strong ego ideal perfectly, as his ego ideal is broken down to many admirable qualities. “Zeitoun had turned out to be everything she had not believed possible: an honest man, honest to the core, hardworking, reliable, faithful, devoted to family” (17). Kathy says this to explain how strongly she felt about Zeitoun when she first met him. Her words are so powerful when she is describing Zeitoun and her feelings for him when she chose to marry him. His ego ideal was presented strongly to her before they were married, and even stronger after they married. This shows that Zeitoun’s ego ideal is presented strongly to others.

Zeitoun’s determination makes his business as a painting contractor successful. Every day he goes to work to please his clients because his business is his main priority. Zeitoun will do anything for his clients; even before Zeitoun owned his business, and met his wife Kathy, he worked for a man named Charlie Saucier. He did not have a car to drive to work, so he would ride his bike to and from work each day. A flat tire challenged Zeitoun to get to work on time one day, and instead of giving up Zeitoun did the unexpected. As he panicked, “he threw the bike over his shoulders and started jogging.” (27). Charlie drove past Zeitoun on his rush to work and pulled over next to him. He asked, “What are you doing?” (27). Zeitoun answered, “‘I’m going to the job’”(27). This made his boss very proud, as he told him, “I’ve been at this for thirty years, and I think you’re the best worker I’ve ever had.” (27). This...
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