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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Have you even judged someone on who he or she is or what they looked like? And have you ever had a bad experience or traumatic experience happens and you looked for someone or something to blame, but in reality there was nothing to blame? Well, a natural disaster can be blamed on no one, but in times like that emotions run wild and blame can be put on someone who fits a certain profile. Racism and Hurricane Katrina were two forces that clashed together to create an even bigger problem for the victims. This is caused by an insecurity of the situation at hand. In the book Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, racism and racial profiling is the underlying themes in the story. These themes are also the underlying themes of people who are subjected to this every day of their lives. Racism and profiling in America today are two growing factors due to the terrorist attack on September 11th, the war in the Middle East, and the fact that most people think that people from the Middle East are terrorists. Zeitoun’s story should be told so that the people who are not subjected to racism and profiling can get a taste of how a person who has done nothing but good for himself, his family and neighbors can just instantly be subjected to misperceptions of others because they are scared from a traumatic experience. To judge another person without knowing them is wrong, even though everyone does it, but to accuse a person of something without knowing is worse. Zeitoun was accused of crimes, thrown in jail, thought to be a terrorist, and treated not as an American citizen, but as an alien. According to Mollyann Brodie, Hurricane Katrina hit land on August 29, 2005, as a category four hurricane, causing great damage throughout the Gulf Coast region and also basically destroying the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Abdulrahman Zeitoun was a victim of this hurricane, making him a victim of racism. For Zeitoun, being a Muslim made him no different than any other person, except for some cultural differences. Zeitoun was a victim of hurricane Katrina and also a victim of corruption, racism, racial profiling, and distortion by the media, falsely incarceration and in a way a victim of society due to the fact that the government did not handle the hurricane situation well. The government did not handle it well because they did not make sure people were evacuated and also they did not have official law enforcement that would preform the correct duties and use the correct guidelines. The officials that they had were military guards and what it seemed as regular people dressed in bulletproof vests, holding guns, and arresting people. All in all there was no order. In the novel, Abdulrahman Zeitoun was a Muslim man who came to America, lived in New Orleans and became part of the American working class. He owned his own business, had an American wife and children, lived well, and made money which is what every American wants. But after Hurricane Katrina hit, even though he knew he was looked at differently before, he soon found out that he was seen as the cause of the damage in the eyes of some of the people who did not know him. The story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun should be told because is shows two sides of the story. One side, Zeitoun, who is a humble, hardworking man loves America and those in it. Then there is the other side of the track, which involves racism and shows the side of the people who perceive Zeitoun and judge him based on his appearance. They see the appearance of a Middle-Eastern man who in the eyes of some people, is seen as nothing more than a terrorist who hates America. According to a CBS News poll, 51% of Americans believe that racial profiling is justifiable and is okay to do. So does that make it okay to be racist and discriminate against a person? No, especially when the racism is about an event that no person could possibly help. Despite the fact that if a person is racist due to coping issues it is still wrong. As for those who hear...
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