Youth Action

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Section A:

Fig A: Rich Text Picture for the Youth Action Environment.

A2: Forming rich picture for any organization is actually the overall working process of the organization. In short, the rich picture shows overall layout of the organizational structure and working process, without applying any rules and regulation for drawing the rich picture. Coming to the point of describing and justifying the process let me take you to some questionnaire through which I would like to put my own views. A2.1 how did you identify the key actors in the environment? To identify the key actors the very important process is to understand their workings/role the actor plays. Now i will explain you, why i chosen the actors depicting in the rich picture. Firstly, youth action charity itself. This is the head office/quarter who plays and important role as all the working sanctions are done by the head office. Youth action is a charity located in south east of England. Their main objective of the youth action is to provide adventure and outdoor projects or projects which help vulnerable young person to improve their life in some way. It has trust board which looks after the charity and executive committee which consist of chief executive, finance director, operations manager, marketing manager, director of business and regional managers. The youth action has around 25 service centre under its roof. The youth action committee plays an important role while taking the projects and assigning them to various centers and the respective regional managers. The funding to the youth action charity is done either by local authorities or some financial institutions. Later youth action, centrally invest these funds in their service centers based on the project and also based on who has funded. The other key actors I feel is the service centers. The youth charity carries out all his programs through its service centers. As you can see from the diagram that charity has 25 centers and every service center has its own management team. It comprises of regional manager and service center manager. Service center manager plays the key role in the process of working of the service center. He is responsible to look after the operations, employment of staff and raising funds for the center. He employees volunteers which will work on the projects and will gather the data and will submit back to service center manager, where he will feed the data in his central repository. The another key actor is the Tim, who is a full time worker managing the dig-it project. The Tim can be said as a service center manager , he is playing the very much a similar role to all service center manager of other service center plays. A group of 30 young people’s are involved in the dig-it project. Tim, the service center manager, divides these group of 30 young peoples in to a group of 3, each group working under 1 volunteer, where the total volunteer are 10. A2.2 before focusing on the rationale to choose the key issues and areas of conflict affecting the environment, first I would like to let you know which those key issues are. The first key issue and area of conflict is the charity concern about their expenses and investment. Through the analysis and interpretation, the trust board and executive committee reviewed the way charity is operating. The concern for them is, each of the services ad projects are running autonomously which indeed is increasing the overhead for the charity. The charity is mainly concern about the investment in IT at their respective service center. The second significant concern or issue and the area of conflict affecting the environment is securing the data. The charity is concern about the way the...
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