Software Quality Assurance

Topics: Software development process, Agile software development, Software engineering Pages: 137 (37333 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Software Quality Assurance in Agile and Waterfall Software Development Methodologies: A Gap Analysis.


Lakmali De Zoysa (2009/MISM/05)

Submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of





I certify that this Dissertation does not incorporate without acknowledgement any material previously submitted for the Degree or Diploma in any University, and to the best of my knowledge and belief it does not contain any material previously published or written by another person except where due reference is made in the text

Date: ……………………………….

……………………………………… Lakmali De Zoysa

The undersigned, have supervised the dissertation entitled UALITY ASURANCE







METHODOLOGIES: A GAP ANALYSIS presented by Lakmali De Zoysa, a candidate for the degree of Masters in Information Systems Management, and hereby certify that, in my opinion, it is worthy of submission for examination.

Date: ……………………..

…………………………………………. Dr. Kapila Ponnamperuma Supervisor


It is a pleasure to thank those who made this thesis possible. I am heartily thankful to my supervisors, Dr Kapila Ponnamperuma, Dr. Gamini Wijayarathne and our coordinator Dr. Chaminda Jayasundara, whose encouragement, supervision and support from the preliminary to the concluding level enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject. Also I owe my deepest gratitude to Dr. Mrs. Kodikara Librarian and Dr. Ruwan Gamage Assistant Librarian of the University Moratuwa for kindly granting me permission to access the thesis section of the library. I‘m very much grateful to Mrs. Rukie Salgado and my uncle Mr. Arunashantha De Silva Deputy Legal Draftsmen for the government of Sri Lanka, for their eagerness to correct the language of the document. This thesis would not have been possible if not for the enormous support given in data collection by Mr. Wasantha Kumara, Mr. Kanishka Karunarathne, Mr. Tharaka Kulasinghe, Mrs. Nimeka Abedeera, Mr. Gayath Chaminda, Mr. Amila Dharmaratne, Mr. Ruvinda Rathnegoda and Mr. Chinthaka Indikadahena. I‘m grateful to Mr. Rukshan Abeygunawardene lecturer Statistics Department of the University of Colombo and Mrs Nadeeja Dodangoda, lecturer American College of Higher Education, without whose guidance, support and encouragement the analysis of the research would have been such a difficult task. I would like to thank my batch mate Mr. Naleen Perera, for sharing his knowledge throughout the process and the guidance given on handling SPSS software. Words alone cannot express the thanks I owe to my parents, my grand aunt and my husband, for their constant encouragement and assistance so readily given. Lastly, I offer my regards and blessings to all those who rendered their support in any way during the completion of this project.


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the software development companies can achieve expected software quality through Agile development. In

order to reach this goal, the first objective of the research was to identify the software quality factors through various quality models and quality management philosophies. Secondly, to identify the software development process models. Thirdly, to analyse the software quality difference between development methodologies in terms of selected quality factors. And finally to identify the development technique by which high quality software products could develop. The research was conducted in the Sri Lankan context focusing on software development companies registered with the Sri Lanka Exports Association. After the preliminary investigation on obtaining relevant information, four companies namely; Virtusa, Team Work, DMS and E- College were selected for the research. The...
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