Yield Management and Pricing Strategy

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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Yield Management

Before the introduction of modern pricing mechanisms, hotels were not maximizing their revenue potential. Managers were focusing more on achieving the highest occupancy rate instead of focusing on raising their revenue per available room. (RevPar). Future forecasts were being based on the last year’s performance without consideration of the current needs of their clientele. With the increasing uptake of technical analysts importance in dealing with revenue management, numerous companies offering software packages also increased. PROS Holding Inc. emerged in 1985 from Houston, Texas and is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as PROs. In its 15 years of existence PROS has managed to become the leading provider of pricing and margin optimization software products. Their specialty includes, but not solely focus on price analytics, price execution and price optimization

Based in Houston, PROS is now established as a worldwide brand. Its influence is so broad; it even has headquarters in London and Amsterdam. PROS employees more than 350 people worldwide, with more than 100 employees who hold advance degrees. In addition to this, out of the 350 employees, 25 individuals hold Ph.D.’s.

Unlike other Yield management company who normally tend to be medium to small sized, PROS is quite a large multi-national enterprise that deals within many industries as well as many internal conglomerates. Their major partners include technological and logistical specialist such as SAP, Oracle, SunMicrosystems, Dell, IBM, and HP. As well as being a Gold Certified Member of Microsoft. While not disclosed entirely, PROS works closely with Accenture most probably dealing with the finances of the company. However, this is mere speculation as the Accenture partnership is only listed as a ‘consultancy partnership’ on PROS’s website.

PROS utilizes their partnerships intellectual advantages in many sectors within many industries....
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