Yes, Teens Love Their Mobile Phones!

Topics: Statistical survey, Interview, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Case Study: Yes, Teens Love Their Mobile Phones!

1. Verizon can use the information obtained in multiple different way to further enhance their company. They could use the information collected on text messages to formulate plans that would benefit both the customers and the company. For the amount of text messages teenagers send and receive, Verizon can have a text message limit of a certain number of messages that would be free for the month. They could also use the calling information to decide how many minutes a teenage package should have. As there is different information for each race they should average out the minutes and then the average should be the number of minutes in the plan. Social media and the use of data have grown over the past years. Verizon can use the information obtained about the different usages other than calling and texting to formulate a data plan. As many people use social media apps and download games and videos, they would need a plan that could hold more data. Phones such as the blackberry and iPhone, would need a plan that could hold more data than a person that has a nokia for example. All the different information obtained from research is extremely helpful for Verizon to create plans that could accommodate different ages and would best fit their lifestyle. 2. In regards to the data colleting methods, I would first like to ask the Pew Research Center what methods they choose to use. As each different survey method had their disadvantages and advantages when used in certain fields of research, I want to make sure that the right methods were used at the right times. I would also like to know where they interviewed the teenagers, whether it was around a school area, or at a local mall or just stopped them on the street. I would also like to know if the teenagers being interviewed knew what the research was for and how it will be used, as they could be bias towards a certain telephone company. Since most of the data was...
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