Topics: Skin cancer, Sunscreen, Melanoma Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Life and Earth science:- Sun safety survey
In our sun safety survey we decided to base the questions we asked, around ‘Does peer pressure affect your sun safety?’ We conducted our survey using survey monkey and then we posted it onto any social networking sites that we had eg.Facebook to determine whether teens are affected by it or not. We will show our results in bar graphs. Hypothesis:

I believe that the amount of teens that are aware of the dangers of skin cancer and being sun safe are very low. I know that I had heard about it, but I didn’t really care until we had lessons about it. I also believe that another reason that teens are not sun safe is that they are majorly affected by what we call ‘peer pressure’. Questions:

1. Are you aware that 1 in 2 Australians are affected by skin cancer each year? Or for that matter in their lifetime? 2. Do you use sunscreen?
3. Do you wear a rashie/T-shirt when swimming?
4. Do you think your sun safety is affected by your peers?
5. If you didn’t feel pressured by your peers, or that you wouldn’t be judged, would you be sun safe? 6. Are you aware of affect of the sun?
7. Are you aware of the dangers of skin cancer?
To find out whether teens are affected by peer pressure when it comes to being sun safe, we conducted a survey using survey monkey to gather information about this topic, we then posted the survey on facebook for our friends (aged 13-19) to take the survey. We then gathered all the information and made graphs to show the results. In total 43 people responded to our survey. Results: (Table and graphs.)

The graph above (on the other page) shows that just only 50% of teenagers know that 1 in 2 Australians are affected by skin cancer each year. This could be the reason that only 50% of teens use sunscreen, as results below have shown. The graph above only shows that 47% of teens always use sunscreen. This shows that most likely the other half of teens could be affected by...
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