Teenagers Spend Too Much Time on Their Moble Phones and Computers

Topics: Mobile phone, Computer, Technology Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Teenagers spend too much time on their mobile phones and computers

Denying the fact that teenagers spend too much time on their mobile phones and computers will be an injustice. It will be like lying to ourselves. Being a teenager myself, I willingly admit to the fact that we do spend too much time on our technologies. We cannot help it; with time, incredible inventions have mastered to better our lives and being born in the new generation, the youth have quickly adapted to the changes, particularly the teenagers. While others think this habit is full of catches, it has got its perks as well. Our guardians or elders believe we are better off without our technologies. They are fed up of eating in our absence at the dinner table, they are sick of that little electronic device buzzing all the time on the one night off with the entire family; they have had had it. They feel like they are losing their touch with their children. They are bound to feel that way – unfortunately, as grueling as it may be to admit, we teenagers have failed to play our roles right. Due to the new technological advancements, teenagers have found a terrific method of socializing without having to waste much energy. It has become our world. Texting with friends, chatting online, playing dozens of video games - what more do we need? We have become far too much intoxicated with the power technology has given us. Elders think it enhances our indolence, which is undoubtedly true. There are some teenagers who spend about seventeen hours on the computer playing games. If you ask someone who actually has a life, that is quite pathetic. Moreover, concerned parents believe their children may become side-tracked, that is to say their children may fall in the innocent looking yet flagrant hands of the wrong deeds. With the internet, it is so easy to make friends of the wrong kind and it is even easier to get involved in crime. With the mobile phones, it seems so utterly normal to give someone whom...
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