Yammer Innovation Analysis

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Benoit Gailly

De Carvalho Souto, Yago
De Castro Vitali, Mariana
Ocampo Salgado, Eduardo
Iturralde, Felipe

Innovation Management
LSMS 2040
Developing Innovative Ventures
LSMS 2042
1.1Changes and consequences3
3Key points of the business plan7
3.1The Market7
3.2.1Marketing and Business System9
4Success Factors & Risks10
4.1Key success factors10


With Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Twitter , social networks had begun to be the stars of the internet, everyone wanted to invent  new ones with different objectives and for different users, but no one has succeed or even tried hard when talking about enterprise social networks, and that’s what Yammer is about.  This is how they define their self  : “Yammer is a secure, private social network for your company. Yammer empowers employees to be more productive and successful by enabling them to collaborate easily, make smarter decisions faster, and self-organize into teams to take on any business challenge. It is a new way of working that naturally drives business alignment and agility, reduces cycle times, engages employees and improves relationships with customers and partners.” (Yammer.com.2012) But what is new here, which one is the innovation?. We think that the innovation in the Yammer plan is to give business firms  and enterprises the possibility of use the social media in order to accelerate their communication skills and to  improve  the connection among their employees in a professional way that ends up resulting in a solution provider and  also a media to achieve good relations between the co-workers .What is more interesting is that they did it in a way which is very familiar for everyone because the disposition and the order in with things are presented is almost the same as Facebook, a common social network used around the globe.

Changes and consequences

“80 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Use Yammer.”
It is true that often there is not an easy way to measure the impacts of implementations on the social medias field, in the context of knowledge-intensive network, like Yammer. Since its potential benefits are not yet well understood, in this case the observation of develops is a good way of doing it. Since the network has been functioning in a considerable percentage of the biggest companies of these days , we are able to extract results for analysis just by seeing what they have to tell about their experiences, until now it’s a very good way of knowing how deep the program is acting. With that in mind, a study of the reports given by the yammer’s customers was done as a research about the changes and consequences of the implementation of yammer in companies. As a space for information sharing, idea generation, problem-solving and relationship building, it’s possible to conclude that yammer’s main goal is basically to help accelerating innovation in the companies. Looking at the ‘Xerox’ case it’s clear that it helped in fact to accelerate innovation: “There’s no question Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from a new idea or call to action to execution,” says Vice President of Corporate Lean Six Sigma, and improving this kind of activities is one of the most practical ways of helping innovation to happen. Another important point to mention is that by the time Xerox implemented the Yammer program they had just merged with another big company (Affiliated Computer Services) and merging two big companies normally brings a whole lot of problems, regarding team building and the fact that both companies had different working cultures, but with the implementation of the yammer network, the employees had less difficulty to keep in touch with the old colleagues and also to meet...
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