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mmuniBeroepen van de toekomst: wat doet een Community Manager precies?

Since big companies have seen the importance of social network sites to promote their brand, it seems like there is a rising demand for community managers. Although this new kind of profession is still in full development and the description of this internet job is rather vague, the job is surely indispensable according to some.

Some four or five years ago the job title emerged for the first time but before that the leaders of community services of mainstream online computer services of the early 1990’s such as CompuServe and Prodigy were often referred to as community managers.

So what do they do then? Quite a lot if you ask me. First of all, a community manager should create, organize, manage and control a online community of customers and clients. This broad definition can be understood differently depending on the size of the company, the endorsed use of the brand and the industry itself. It is evident that a government agency may adopt a different communication policy than a non-profit organization. Big companies may demand more competence from their community managers in everything from the social tools themselves to budgeting, marketing, project management, recruiting, and more, whereas community managers employed by smaller businesses typically tend to have a ‘smaller’ variety of obligations such as overseeing Facebook and Twitter accounts, writing blog posts, creating videos, taking pictures, and playing webmaster as needed.

Another task of the community manager is to escort and moderate web 2.0 relationships and conversations in favor of a brand. Web 2.0 refers to the development to the internet to an interactive medium in which users not only download but also start uploading. With Web 2.0 internet users determine the content that appears on the internet and so they increase the interactive nature of the web. This user-generated content is collected on social networking sites such as weblogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, web video and web services with open APIs. Examples of applications are YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace,, Pandora, Wikipedia and Twitter etc. Conversations on these applications can be tracked by tools as Sysomos, which uses content of social media sites to create a clear overview on how products, people, and brands are covered in those media sites. Furthermore, it also tries to analyze the sentiment towards these conversations and themes.

Since social environments are becoming more important, community management dominates the discussions about enterprise social computing. This results in community management being a useful and critical component of Enterprise 2.0. Andrew McAfee describes Enterprise 2.0 as "the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers”. CM APPRECIATION DAY

De kenners weten het, de vierde maandag in januari is het Community Manager Appreciation Day. Dagelijks zijn deze personen het gezicht van organisaties naar buiten. Soms op de voorgrond onder eigen naam, maar heel vaak ook op de achtergrond. Met veel passie en vaak een enormedrive trekken ze de social kar van je organisatie, hoe moelijk dat soms ook is. Op een dag als deze staan deze community managers even op de voorgrond met de nodige activiteiten.

* Community managers are the most powerful group on the internet, they manage the largest social accounts –but ironically are hidden behind the scenes. * It’s that time of year again, to send a kind note to the Community Managers who have helped your company, or you as a customer using social media channels.  Like System Admin day, or Administrative Professionals day, we take one day a year to thank and appreciate those who are helping us connect to customers in a sometimes thankless job. * While no gifts are required, the purpose is to give a genuine thank to the never ending, often thankless job of...
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