Supervalu Case Study

Topics: Grocery store, Facebook, Social network service Pages: 8 (3263 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Group Case 1
Supervalu: Transforming and Expanding
Week 7
ADM 2372 D

Ioulia Nikonorova
Wendy Cooze
Justin Jakeman
Zachary Cziranka- Crooks

1. When Supervalu attained multiple banners and decided to not only incorporate them all under the main ‘Supervalu’ name but also keep them running on the same course that they previously were they encountered the problem of widely disparate information systems. These resulted in a lack of available data exchanges between stores and corporate due to incompatible systems. This would make it very difficult for the corporate system to keep track of the stores from one and another, sync deliveries, track sales, and accomplish company-wide goals. 2. Centralized back-office processes and centralized information systems aid Supervalu by: -Meshing together all banners under one system

-Keeping track of all sales and store progress
-Allowing corporate wide or similar stores to exchange and offer successful deals -Allowing collaboration for banner presidents
-Creating a general culture through the corporate level down -Allowing corporate to only have to pay for one set of tools 3. Yammer lets companies create their own secure private social network. Employees can use the software to connect with coworkers and gain credit for the completion of successful projects. Yammer also supports the ability to organize events, start leaderboards, create events and find local experts. Additionally, users can divide into team workspaces to share content or compile notes. Yammer is a secure, private social network. It is a new way of working that naturally drives business alignment and agility, reduces cycle times, engages employees and improves relationships with customers and partners. It originally launched as an enterprise micro blogging service but now has applications on several different operating systems and devices. The strong set of features makes Yammer a good choice for small and mid-sized businesses. Yammer’s Business Benefits:

Benefits for Executives
- Ability to share a vision with the entire organization. Align employees behind a common mission. Set trends, drive company culture, and be a better leader. Benefits for Sales
- Can bring sales reps together to compare tactics and share competitive insights. Access the entire organization in seconds to give sales reps what they need, when they need it. Benefits for Human Resources

- Gives employees a voice, facilitate sharing, and cultivate a collaborative culture. Benefits for Customer Service
- Helps reps solve customer issues with 24/7 access to a company network of information and resources on Yammer. 4. The main difference between Facebook and Yammer is that Yammer’s mission is to become an internal social network rather than an external one. The user interface of Yammer is similar to Facebook, but customized for a business purpose. There are alerts, notifications, and private messages. There’s a feed of the groups you’re in and the people and topics you’re following. You can post documents to the feed-files, images, videos, polls, events, ideas, links, and questions. There are no ads on Yammer, which creates more real estate for sidebar modules. The main thing is that a Yammer network is completely self-contained to a company, unlike Facebook. The requirements between public social networking and internal networking are very different. The purpose of a Facebook presence is brand marketing and creating a public face. That’s a very different use case from private, internal social networking for collaboration. Companies want to be able to own their own internal collaboration, and Facebook is not something they can own in the same way. It’s enterprise software—it’s not a public social network. 5. Supervalu could benefit from using Facebook but Yammer would be more efficient. Facebook and Yammer are very alike; the main difference is Yammer is geared toward business use rather than social life. With...
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