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Topics: Database management system, Requirements analysis, Database Pages: 4 (797 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Business Problem Statement
Baderman Island Resort needs a better way to keep track of their room inventories, guest charges and room maintenance.
Current Business Process
Currently each hotel tracks their database system using everything from paper folio system to a proprietary hotel management system.

Scope Statement(s)
The project calls for a consolidation of three hotel management systems into one system. With all three hotel systems being completely different from one another, we will need to consolidate the three systems into one functioning system. We will need to ensure that there is a centralized database system or perhaps an automated database system at each location. The database will manage the inventory, guest charges, and room maintenance for their respective location. This will keep an accurate and up to date count on when rooms are available and when rooms need to be cleaned. A server at each location will need to be setup to maintain the oracle database which at the same time could share the information with the other server at the other hotel locations. By a simple consolidation of systems, we will have built a better tracking and recording system that has live and up to date information.

Key Business Objectives
Have the project completed within 1 year or less.

* Hotel continues to operate on three separate database systems. * Hotel operators and employees are not as proficient on three separate systems as opposed to one. * Cost of operating three database systems is higher.

* Personnel are less likely to be able to swap work locations. * Hotels are not being run as one company.

* In order for Baderman Island Resort to become more organized and better run they must purchase a new database system to be run at all three resort locations.

Functional Requirements
* Create an Oracle Express database for the resort’s three hotels using one database * Descriptions of room type to be...
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