Tourism Marketting: a Study of the Technological Challenges Facing Tourism Managers in the Industry Today

Topics: Social network, Wi-Fi, Surveillance Pages: 6 (1761 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Tourism Management Assignment 1| May 20
A study of the technological challenges facing tourism managers in the industry today| Sibusiso Skhosana 13003247 Mrs Esme Leeus.|

Question 1

* The lodge has in system a full security surveillance camera system connected all around the lodge which can be. The manager can keep track of the happenings around the lodge using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with the application called C-MOR Security Surveillance which provides 24 hour video surveillance. * The lodge has a Wi-Fi system in place for guests, and is not an open network. Guests are provided with the code when they check-in. They use a D-Link modem as a main modem and a Tenda Modem as a Wi-Fi station. * The lodge uses an electronic booking system called Merchant, with this software the lodge is able to keep track of the number customers who checked in, how long their stay is and type of room they booked. * The lodge uses email as a means of communication but also has Skype account and the manager has a business Whatsapp number for any direct personal inquiries. * The Lodge uses a VOIP telephone system for clients with FAQs. 1.2

* The current security system seems to be working efficiently with two cameras at adjacent sides in the public rooms such as Lounge, Foyer, Patio, Pool area and Reception area. The head of security is able to simultanouesly monitor all these cameras using the Wi-Fi system the lodge has in place. * The current Wi-Fi system is effective, it uses a 1000/kbs line and an uncapped data bundle. All guests are able to stream videos and download anything they like below 100mb. Although it disconnects from time to time, the network is still stable. * The booking system in use, Merchant, is pretty fast and convenient as guests can be booked in less than 10 minutes. This requires the guests documentation and information such name, surname and DOB. * The Whatsapp system has made it easier for customers to have more personal enquires made clearer to them straight from the manager. The email account is checked regularly and the front staff get a notification everytime an email comes in so they can respond promptly. * The VOIP system is not frequently used as the other systems but is nonetheless always checked and maintained 1.3

* Other competitors have Wi-Fi networks in place but the average Wi-Fi speed found in most lodges and hotels is far less than 1000/kbs, this is because of the different ISP’s which are available. * Other competitors have surveillance cameras too in their public areas, having a camera surveillance system is a standard, although there are better systems, the C-MOR software is a good option for a lodge of this one’s size. * Major companies in the tourism industry prefer to use the HansaWorld software package to book and manage their clients. Compared to Magijima Game Lodge, the booking systems are different. Merchant is only sufficient to a certain extents and cannot do other functions that other software products like HansaWorld can do. * Other competitors have full DSTV bouquets in all rooms while in this lodge it is only selected rooms with DSTV and those that do have DSTV use the standard compact DSTV plan.

* Most customers are used to the fact that most hotels and tourism companies have Wifi networks now, which is why it was important for the lodge to implement this IT move in the first place. * Customers feel better if they are in a safer environment therefore they expect 24 hour safety from staff members and the business itself. * Often customers expect the lodge to have a website in place and this is not the case as IT systems in the lodge have only been running a few months and the website is still in development * Guests and clients expect tourism companies to have social networks so they can be updated on latest offerings and specials the company might offer. The lodge does not have any...
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