Internal Control: Management Information System (Mis)

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Internal Control: Management Information System (MIS)

The OLUS HOTEL is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since June 2009. It is a three-story building along Quezon Hi-way. Situated at the techno hub district of Quezon, its presence has helped spur the current thrust and development of other areas going farther north. This synergistic relationship has given several competitive advantages, which are translated into profits for the sustainable operation of the hotel.

OLUS HOTEL has a database manager, customized software that serves as the company’s property management system. It is powerful software platform that provides the hotel with immediate access to electronically updated rates, availability, and stay controls. It also provides access to hotel inventory along with the ability to deliver reservations through several distribution systems. By using such, there is an increase in efficiency in sales and effectiveness for the revenue management controls are literally placed in properties’ hands.

The cores of the system are the following: the front desk, where they input check in or check out, the second is the accounting where they audit revenue daily and third is housekeeping who inputs the status of the rooms.

These stand alone programs are due for linking in 6 months time. The data are backed-up. Dates are backup daily and stored in a fire proof place. Weekly back-ups are also done that are stored off-site using hard drives to ensure data backups. The only one who can access and monitors the whole data base in their MIS officer, he sees to it that there would be no interruption in the distribution of electricity and the computer where the database is managed. In case of blackout, the UPS or uninterrupted power supply is used to avoid loss of information.

To maintain logical security, access is only permitted by the use of a valid and unique identity (ID) and password combination. Password are made complex and are changed regularly to ensure that only the authorized users can access the systems. Also, when an employee leaves the company, Log-on IDs and passwords should be revoked.

To protect the data, a virus software is installed which has a daily automatic self-update of virus definitions, which also updates its scan engine weekly, and performs a full file system scan once a week. Virus scan utilities are also automatically invoked at every log-on. Downloading is prohibited and all systems should be protected from the Internet.

For physical security, separate room servers are required and the Network Server is located away from hazardous operations and in a clean and stable environment. Access to the Network Server room should be restricted to authorised officers with access cards. All computer equipments should be tagged and accounted for in the Fixed Assets Register.

Organizational structure and management leadership goes hand in hand. In order to promote effectiveness and efficiency in leadership one has to be clear of the duties and responsibilities he posses. In this way, clearer borders are set and more defined actions are placed. Leadership has always orders or chain of commands. And for these orders to be passed on down the bottom line workers of the organization, they have to know who to take orders from. In this systematic and organized manner, it promotes responsibility value to those who take part on the higher level of the organization structure. The kind of leadership one organization chooses has a direct effect on the structure that they will create. An autocratic kind of leadership requires its structure to be designed in such a way that feedback from its employees will be minimized. With the clear division of work using organizational structure, the business will create specialists in each department, thus making their employees more effective and efficient.

The company’s people are carefully hired. The...
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