Xmgt/216 Week 8 Due Day 5

Topics: Ethics, Human rights, Employment Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: May 11, 2013

Week 8 due day 5

University of Phoenix
Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

XXXX XX, 2013

Ethics and Globalization
Irreversible culture shock can be used here as a direct result of globalization. The reason for this is foreign food preparers open businesses in America, only to be forced into changing their way of cooking to appease the American pallet. If you go to China and sample their native food, it is nothing like the Americanized version we enjoy here. When I say they are forced to change, I am referring to the need to stay in business. If they opened the doors to their restaurant and didn’t retain a decent customer base due to their way of cooking and ingredients, they would have to bite the bullet and change the menu to something the surrounding demographic would eat. The only way to avoid this is to open the establishment in a predominantly Chinese neighborhood. Employment is another ethical issue resulting from globalization. With the threat of outsourcing jobs to foreign countries being an actuality in the working world today, fair employment options have been lost for the modernized countries. Finally, we have to look at the working environment of some areas of the world. Underpaid and overworked people in poor parts of the world sometimes have to work in slave-labor conditions, like sweat-shops, just to survive. This brings up many ethical and health concerns. This also brings me to the final question about ethical risks and consequences associated with global business. With the internet and world wide news coverage comes investigative breakthroughs around the world. The mass media outlets will enable everyone to see the struggles of foreign business employment standards. We can see who not to do business with based upon their ethical standards and the way they treat their employees. We have already witnessed many human rights violations, as well as...
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