The Ethical Imperative – Contrarieties

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The Ethical Imperative – Contrarieties
"A global ethic is only practicable as a personal commitment," says the author, Dalla Costa. He explains that for businesspeople, this does not mean valuing profit less, but instead valuing people more. Throughout the article, the author shows that business reflects who we are as a society and the beliefs that we live by as individuals. He uses several examples of organizations that have been hurt by unethical behavior to support his statement.

Business leaders must assess their values and make appropriate changes since they operate in a global economy where market forces have left the human aspect weaker and the profit element skyrocketed. Dalla Costa attempts to convince businesses to pursue moral and ethical policies. He addresses the principle of right and wrong but emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior to long-term survival and profit. The article dissects the different characteristics attributed to those optimistic and pessimistic. It describes the institutional pessimism of business, and explains how it is a product of fear – the fear of making mistake and of trying something new. The author argues that today's universal interdependence requires a global ethic – concern for the consumers, workers, and the environment of the overall community. He also discusses the pressures that lead to unethical behavior by individuals and organizations. He develops on five core fallacies that ground the pessimists' antipathy and prevent correction.

In the article, Dalla Costa outlines the process for incorporating ethical principles to the direct benefit of customers, shareholders, employees and profits. The author makes clear why corporate ethics must be a fundamental component of any firm. As managers and consumers, many people are concerned about issues like discrimination in the workplace, and are struggling to integrate their beliefs into their jobs. The Ethical Imperative links these personal values to business...
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