Ethical Assement Inventory

Topics: Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: December 19, 2011
R. Talbert

Capstones in Psychologyr
July 13, 2011

Ethical Awareness
Ethics is an important issue is psychology the American Psychological Association publishes a code of ethics, and conduct for psychologists as standard guidelines in psychology. This essay is an attempt to correlate ethical awareness, and principles to psychology professionals and personal conduct.

Ethical Inventory Chart
Observations from the ethical inventory chart are ways of helping the person assess his or her personal ethics approach to understanding others. This chart assesses personal beliefs and mental abilities in different situations. The results are then totaled to reveal the score, which makes a person aware of psychological issues that may influence decision-making in the future. Personal, Spiritual, Social, and Organizational, Issues in Psychology Ethics plays an important part in everyday life. A person working in an environment with people from different cultures, and customs may encounter ethical conflicts. Situations may arise in which ethical decisions may conflict with organizational values. Issues concerning organizational integrity and personal ethical conduct may cause a person to experience negative emotions. Personal, spiritual, and social, growth is important to understanding ones ethical inventory chart. Research indicates that psychological-well-being is directly related to spiritual and social growth (Kowalski, & Westen, 2009). How Ethics affect Psychological Knowledge and Principles

Personal growth, development, and the health of an individual may affect that persons’ psychological well-being. Knowledge and ethical principles can help guide a person in business situations, and personal issues in life. Research indicates that as a person ages, one becomes more acceptance of different issues in life. Personal growth may affect how ethical principles affect gender, like women are more likely to experience and accept spiritual well-being before...
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