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Topics: Professional Bowlers Association, World Ranking Masters, Diandra Asbaty Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: March 21, 2013
When I first received this assignment, I had no clue on who I admired enough to profile, especially since family members and friends were off limits. Just thinking about focusing my time and energy into one person made me stressed out beyond my limits. I always felt that people were nothing special; from one person to the next everyone is equal. Then I started recalling memories from this past summer and how one person changed my view on the sport that I love and ultimately life. On June 2-3rd of this past summer of 2012, I met Diandra Asbaty. Before I met Diandra, I felt everyone was one the same level. Then I began to grasp the fact that some people have extraordinary gifts and show other people how much one’s talents can affect the world.

On the first weekend in June, I had the honor of meeting the pro bowler Diandra Asbaty. Not only is she paving roads for females in the sport of bowling, she is sharing her knowledge with those around her. I spent the whole weekend with Mrs. Asbaty, and two other close professional bowler mentors. At the International Art of Bowling summer camp, I was able to express to Diandra how much of a role model she is to me. Growing up in the town of Dyer, Indiana, Diandra makes the dream of becoming a professional bowler attainable. Two people who are close to Diandra: Jason Belmonte and Ron Hoppe also had marvelous things to say about this incredible young woman. Jason Belmonte, a well-known two-handed Australian bowler is ranked number two by the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association). “Working with Diandra as a friend and competitor helps me improve my game and challenges me daily to grow as a bowler and person,” Belmonte says of Asbaty. Diandra Asbaty recently beat Jason Belmonte in a double’s tournament presented by the PBA. While observing Diandra’s conversations with Jason, I realized they had a brother-sister type relationship. Both were able to pick on each other and play harmless jokes often to lighten the...
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