World in the Web

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The World in the Web
-Connection and Entanglement

In February 2010, I was at the annual cultural fest at my university campus, all excited because it was the first time I was going to see Euphoria- a famous Indian Rock band live. Eventually, the big moment arrived and I rushed towards the main stage area when I heard the presenter saying, “And here we welcome the band Euphoria. Give a huge round of applause for Dr. Palash Sen and his group.” Dr. Palash Sen? Euphoria’s main lead singer is a doctor? These were the questions that popped up in my mind instantly and left me dumbfounded. Palash Sen is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession but he is more renowned as the Godfather of Hindi Rock. In our times, I think the phrase “Pinnacle of human capability” in terms of intellectual knowledge is meaningless. Nobody can predict the altitude to which an individual can soar and the path he will take to reach there. Our educational background and professional career no longer provides the boundaries to confine us. This is an era of endless opportunities as well as some crucial responsibilities. The advent of “dot com boom” empowered people with the most powerful tool of all times i.e. the Internet which proved to be a major force in the rise of this ‘Networked World’. Directly or indirectly, internet has affected us all. It has not only changed the way we used to live but also the way we used to think. Today, it doesn’t take us more than a few minutes to get all the required information on any idea in the world. I am sure if internet would have been here around the 1800s, Thomas Alva Edison wouldn’t have failed 1000 times in his attempt to make the incandescent electric bulb. Such is the power of internet which we, the people living in this generation, have been invested with. But the question is how many of us have realised the true potential of this power? How many of us are really using this power to the advantage of our community? As it is said, with great power comes great responsibility, so it is high time that we realise our responsibilities not only towards our own selves but also towards the world on the whole. One such example was recently demonstrated in India by the youths of the country in their effort to support Anna Hazare’s (a local social activist) campaign against corruption. All through the summer of 2011 while the campaign was on its peak level, everybody in India was getting influenced by this social movement which was largely due to the efforts of the youth; trying to arouse the masses to stand and join Anna Hazare in his non-violent protest against corruption. Within days, there were communities made on Facebook, celebrities were tweeting about it. My Facebook and cell phone inbox were bombarded by e-mails and messages all asking for the same support. From politicians, social activists, Bollywood actors, spiritual leaders to an ordinary man, everybody united together to join the biggest ever movement in India against corruption. Overnight, Anna Hazare became a national hero.

Reaching out to the masses and motivating them to stand up for a common cause is not an easy task. But it is not impossible either, at least not in this ‘Networked World’. Today, any individual can be easily connected to any part of the world. And it is this networked world that has given rise to the ‘Corporate man’ who can be easily seen in high tech cities of the world like London, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangalore etc. properly clad in business suits, having an iPad in one hand, a Rolex in the other who is actually more accessible on LinkedIn than in person. This is what I call the “Bright Side of The World”. But just a little glimpse in the “Not so Bright Side” of the world can change our perception of the progress we have made till now. According to the World Bank report of 2008, half of the world population is earning less than $2.25 each day with major part of this...
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