Google-China Controversy

Topics: Google, People's Republic of China, Internet Pages: 9 (3145 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Executive summary
We cannot imagine our life without internet, it become internal part of our life. Some researcher considered internet to be the greatest innovation of modern’s time. Suppose the facility of internet given to us taken by someone forcibly, then imagine our life without it. In recent development china and iran have restricted the information flow throughout their country, specially china have ban Google-universal search engine and email in its country. Firstly question arises why any country will ban if internet is so useful. There lots of hidden agenda of the govt that has to be protected, if there is free flow of information is there public start questioning on the procedures of govt work. Internet censorship in China is among the most stringent in the world. The government blocks Web sites that discuss the Dalai Lama, the 1989 crackdown on Tiananmen Square protesters, Falun Gong, the banned spiritual movement, and other Internet sites The government’s computers intercept incoming data and compare it against an ever-changing list of banned keywords or Web sites, screening out even more information. The motive is often obvious: Since late 2010, the censors have prevented Google searches of the English word “freedom.” In March 2011, Google accused the Chinese government of disrupting its Gmail service in the country and making it appear as if technical problems at Google — not government intervention — were to blame. At the same time, several popular virtual private-network services, or V.P.N.’s, designed to evade the government’s computerized censors, have been crippled. V.P.N.’s are popular with China’s huge expatriate community and Chinese entrepreneurs, researchers and scholars who expect to use the Internet freely Few analysts believe that the government will loosen controls any time soon, with events it considers politically sensitive swamping the calendar, including a turnover in the Communist Party’s top leadership in 2012. As revolts began to ricochet through the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, and home-grown efforts to organize protests began to circulate on the Internet, the Chinese government tightened its grip on electronic communications, and appeared to be more determined than ever to police cell phone calls, electronic messages, e-mail and access to the Internet in order to smother any hint of antigovernment sentiment. In the situation where govt is against any particular organisation it is very difficult to survive, but our study show that Google should keep patience and continue to work because due to evolving technology government will not able to control internet censorship for long. People in country is also demanding more freedom, more or less china is the biggest emerging market for internet user how any company can lose this potentially rich market.


NEWS ABOUT REVOLTS AGAINST GOVERNMENT ESPECIALLI IN AFRICA,ARAB&LIBIYA-Government of china want to suppress the news related to revolt against government in different parts of world because they fear that may affect the people to demand for more freedom which cause harm to strict govt control in china

NEWS RELATED TO FREEDOM OF TIBET- Government of china want it control over china and want to suppress any freedom movement there, it also want rest of world to be unaware what’s going in Tibet.

NEWS RELATED TO HUMAN RIGHTS- Government of china want to show internationally that human rights condition is very good in country, but if there is free flow of information in country then world will know about strict restrictions.

HEALTH RUMOURS OF PARTY CHIEF MR JIANG WHO RETIRED AT THE AGE 84- Not surprisingly, the stepped-up effort to silence speculation about the well being of Mr. Jiang, 84, who officially retired as party chief in 2002 and as president in 2003, has generated even more rumours after he failed to attend the 90th anniversary gala commemorating the birth of the...
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