Worksheet Unit 1

Topics: English language, Learning, Education Pages: 7 (2619 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Nataliya Smyelyanska

Task 1 – List 5 qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have and give reasons for your choices. Which of these qualities do you consider to be more important, and why? Answer:
Being a good teacher is easy; he just must love what he teaches and who he teaches. But speaking about the qualities of a ‘good’ teacher, I think he should meet the requirements of three groups of people: students, parents and headmasters. Their demands can be different in some ways. Students, for example, want to have an understanding, humorous, creative, up-to-date and enthusiastic teacher, who makes his lessons enjoyable and informative. Parents require a good teacher to help their children develop knowledge, better school grades and have individual approach to every little genius. As for headmasters, they need responsible teachers with professional ethic, who follow school rules and regulations and guide students through the whole learning process. If I described a ‘good’ teacher, I would add some other features to his personality and behavior. 1.A good teacher should be happy and have a smile on his face when he is in the classroom. If he loves his job and is satisfied with it, it makes him feel happy (which will certainly have a positive impact on his students) and comfortable where he is. Without pretending, he will have all positive emotions which his smile will help him to show. A smile costs nothing but means a lot. For a teacher, it is a tool to cheer up a student in a difficult situation or to prize for even the smallest achievement. The teacher also should have his own personality which can arouse a keen interest among his students. In the future, it will provide better results in communicating and studying and build trust relations. 2. A good teacher should be an excellent psychologist. He must be able to find the approach to any student (in spite of the student’s age, language level, background, motivation etc.), help the learner break his language barrier, and stimulate him. The teacher should involve students in the learning process and encourage them to learn from each other (ask students to make presentations, perform, and pretend them to be a teacher – as I like the proverb: ‘Teaching is learning twice.’). 3. A good teacher must be an expert in his field. He must love the subject he teaches, know its boarders – the latest discoveries, researches and changes. He must arouse students’ interest in the subject, teach with words and behavior, and help students to invoke knowledge by means of different teaching techniques. 4. A good teacher should be fair and response to bad or good behavior in the correct way in order to control his class. Consistency and solidarity are what make people strong. 5. A good teacher should know students’ names. If he remembers them, he will find it much easier to get a positive influence over the students than if they remain nameless, unknown quantities. 6. A good teacher must be responsible for the quality of teaching, not just make easy money.

Task 2 – State what you consider to be the five most important roles of a teacher. Describe each role and say why you think it is important. Answer:
One of the main goals of a ‘good’ teacher is to create situations where students can do and achieve their best. A teacher can solve this problem using different newest techniques, forms and teaching methods. In this way, the success of this multistep learning process depends on the teacher completely and what role he will choose while doing this or that activity is quite important. In my opinion, the five most influential roles of a teacher are as follows: 1.The teacher as an organizer. The objective of any organizer is to enable a group of students and individuals in it to work with a satisfactory result together for the accomplishment of a common goal by giving clear and logical instructions. Successful completion of the project mainly depends on how students...
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