What I Think Makes an Outstanding Teacher

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What I Think Makes an Outstanding Teacher

In this assignment I am going to research, use my own knowledge and experience to explain what characteristics and skills are needed to become an outstanding teacher, I believe that an outstanding teacher is a facilitator who can adapt the classroom and reach the needs of the children to achieve a goal.

In my opinion to become an outstanding teacher, key mixtures of numerous different attributes are needed. Not everybody has to be an expert in each attribute but a small mix of all could produce an outstanding teacher. Throughout this essay I will be explaining some of these key attributes which are needed to achieve an overall outstanding performance from a teacher.

Some of these attributes include an understanding of ICT use, Technology is now a part of everyday life and easily accessible by all, so it should be used in the class room as a teaching aid. This is supported by The Professional Standards for Teachers:

“Know how to use skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT to support their teaching and wider professional activities”

To pass QTS this must be met.

Knowledge of the subject is not as essential as it was in the past, due to access to instant resources like the internet but this still doesn’t mean that some knowledge of the curriculum is needed to insure the students don’t doubt your teaching ability. Although a key aspect to my statement is that good Planning and preparation is carried out so that the teacher’s Knowledge isn’t tested by the child.

Accepting that being diverse and creative whilst presenting lessons is needed to help all children achieve their goals, due to children having different learning methods. To achieve this, teacher’s must be thinking outside the box and taking some risks, a huge effort in planning and research is required to produce these new teaching methods and show that progression for the pupil is occurring.

Communication skills are a necessity in being an effective teacher, communication is broken up into so many areas, such as helping encourage self esteem, Body language, good listening, explaining, questioning and discussing. (Grigg 2010)

Other areas which a Practitioner must be aware of to become an outstanding teacher include essential teaching skills such as Class management, Confidence, and appearance. Other skills not necessary but equally important to becoming an outstanding facilitator include flexibility, humour, entertaining, caring, leadership, teamwork and the realisation each pupil and class have their own attributes and differences which have to be catered for.

I agree with the HayMcBer report that knowledge is one of the professional characteristics but like I mentioned earlier Knowledge of the subject is not as important to have like it was for educators twenty years ago, thus due to the advances in technology making information easily accessible, but what knowledge is import is being able to know the National curriculum and how to adapt it to each lesson and class. If I was teaching in Wales then I would acquire some knowledge of the curriculum, if I was teaching in America I would do the same, the curriculum changes throughout the world and to become effective the teacher must have some knowledge on the curriculum that they are teaching. Being able to teach the pupil how to access the subject in question is now equally important as the subject its self, for example: Teaching the class how to access the information on the internet or how to find books in a library. This can mean that more independent learning is encouraged.

Knowledge of the subject can be broken down into two areas “propositional and procedural knowledge” (Schwab 1978) the main difference between these is knowing how and knowing what.

An outstanding teacher not only has knowledge of the subject but Pedagogic Knowledge. This is having knowledge of the learners and how they learn, the method in which pupils...
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