Work Experience Reports on Digital Laboratory Electronics

Topics: Infrared, Spectroscopy, Atomic absorption spectroscopy Pages: 14 (4202 words) Published: December 14, 2012
It is usually said that no man is an island unto himself, and any man who so lives all by himself, without interacting with his fellow men is in the words of Aristotle, “either a beast or a god”. Mutual co-operation and interaction form the cardinal feature of human life. The task of writing this report has not, in the least, been an easy one, and it would be axiomatic to add that all the numerous tasks involved could not be have been accomplished successfully singly handled by an individual. So, in the course of my gathering all the necessary skills, materials and information, I found it imperative to solicit the assistance, counsel and guidance of my fellow colleagues and people who magnanimously came to my aid. Too numerous to mention them all are those who in one way of the other, have helped me in my work during the industrial training. The outstanding characters of their assistance make it my pleasant duty, however, to express my special gratitude to the following: First of all, and in fact the foremost, I am most grateful to the C.E.O, Mr. Tobi Oduyale, for giving me the opportunity to carry out my industrial training at Winelight analytical systems, the knowledge gained and experience given to me is most appreciated. Secondly would like to thank the Engineering department’s coordinator Mr. Moses Olowa for his diligence, attitude to teach and selflessness towards me. Special thanks to my industry based supervisor, Mr. Oyasor Oguah and service engineer Mr. Ogohi Aminu for their firm hand in making sure I gain a lot from the process which I set out to undergo and their ability to explain new and obscure discoveries to me, the appreciation and gratitude can not be quantified. Ajiboye Oluwabukunmi. ABSTRACT

On the period of six months an exercise, known as the industrial training, is carried out to bridge the gap between the theoretical aspects learnt from the class room and the experienced gained on the field, this is highly essential. This experience is brought to life by this report, highlights various fields of physics and electronics being exploited by the corporate world today. There aspects of density, viscosity, waves and digital electronics. High precession instruments used in measuring values of these aspects physics are highlighted in this report showing their makeup and basic functionality.


1.1 BRIEF HISTORY OF WINELIGHT ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS LTD. Winelight is an Analytical Company that specialize in the sale, installations, repairs and maintenance of laboratory equipment such as: Spectrometers, Chromatographs, Electrochemistry, and Petroleum Testing & Project Consultancy. Winelight Analytical Systems Ltd was incorporated on August 23, 1993 RRC: 229.847 to carry out the business of Laboratory equipment, sale, installations, repairs and maintenance. The establishment of Winelight Analytical Systems Ltd came as a result of disinvestments of Messrs. Philips BV of Holland in Unicam Ltd. of Cambridge U.K

Mr. Tobi Oduyale, Managing Director/CEO of Winelight was hitherto, a manager at Associated Electronics Products (AEPNL) Ojota, a subsidiary of Philips BV, Holland and responsible for Unicam Products (Now part of Thermo Electron) for 14 years within AEPNL. As a result of the above, the need arose therefore for a new dynamic outfit to take the mantle and carry on the business of Unicam (Now part of Thermo Electron) in Nigeria and West Africa



The MD/CEO is in charge of all the operations brought to the fore by the various department heads. All activity reports are submitted to the MD through the secretary and undergo critical...
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