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Eat chocolate, make friends.

Prepared By:

Name: ID

1. Hossain Md.Mahmud08-11101-2
2. Ahamed Foysal08-10827-2
3. Abedin Nazmul08-426276387-mkjk
4. Perveen Silvi 07-09719-3
5. Islam Khandaker Md. Shariful 08-10829-2

Prepared For:

Asst. Professor
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
American International University-Bangladesh
Banani, Dhaka 1213

Letter of Transmittal

8th August, 2009

Asst. Professor
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
American International University – Bangladesh
Banani, Dhaka 1213

Subject: Letter of transmittal

Dear Madam,
It is a great pleasure for us that we have the opportunity to submit the report on the “DOVE chocolate”.

We have tried our level best to put meticulous effort for the preparation of this report. Any shortcomings or fault may arise as our unintentional mistake. We will wholeheartedly welcome any clarification and suggestion about any view and conception disseminated through this report. Thanking you

Sincerely yours
1. Hossain Md. Mahmud
08-11101-2 __________________________ 2. Ahamed Foysal
08-10827-2 _________________________
3. Abedin Nazmul
08-11922939-2 __________________________ 4. Perveen Silvi
07-09719-3 __________________________

5. Islam Khandaker Md.Shariful
08-10829-2 __________________________


This report has been created with excitement & joy by researchers. At first we want to give thanks to our respected teacher “Dr.Silverine De Silva Shrikanthan ” for her crucial support. We also want to give thanks to our family, friends & others course mate. Internet is another important source of collecting data.


Part-1 Topic Page

Introduction 6
Brief history of DOVE chocolate 7 Mission 8

Part-2 Scope of the subject 9

Part-3 Discussion point 10

DOVE chocolate brand products 11

The process to make a dove chocolate 12-14

Chart of nutrition facts 15

The art of tasting chocolate 19-20

Entertaining with dove products 21-24

Part-4 Possible action 25

Part-5 Conclusion 26


DOVE is a brand of milk chocolate made and marketed by the Mars Company. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East, Dove is sold as Galaxy.

U.S. Standard of Identity is government regulations that define which ingredients must be used to make a food product in order to be allowed to call it by a certain name....
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