Chocolate Poowder Analisys in Brazil

Topics: Marketing, Psychographic, Chocolate Pages: 11 (3291 words) Published: April 9, 2013

Product: Nescau, chocolate powder
Creator: Nestlé
Segment: Food
Main competitor: Toddy

Nescau’s history started in 1932 when the product was developed, in Brazil, and was launched by Nestle, almost with no publicity support. It was recommended for mothers worried about their son’s nutrition. The first name was Nescao, a combination of the words Nestle and cacao (cacao=cacau=cocoa). With the same name, the product was launched in Italy, Spain, Argentina and France. The original package was a tin can, they still have it but now you can also find the refill package. The name changed to Nescau in 1954 because people start reading the accent Nescáo as Nescão. In the 60’s with all the new electro domestics such as the blender, the “smoothies” were the new trend and the chocolate lost some of its space, but not for long. In 1961, Nestlé’s researchers introduced a new Nescau exclusive formula. This time, emerged the first big campaign, named “future’s professionals”. It showed the important role of the chocolate to the health grown of the children, future doctor, engineer and teachers. After this campaign, they launched another one with circus theme. Since then, the constant formula and the packed’s innovations brought the brand even closer to the young public. In the 90’s, the new campaign was sports.

● NESCAU PRONTINHO, traditional version ready to drink.

● NESCAU CEREAL, a crunch corn cereal with chocolate.

● NESCAU BALL, little chocolate balls.

● NESCAU LIGHT , same Nescau but with low calorie .

● NESCAU POWER, new formula with the double of iron, that helps the consumer have more energy.

● NESCAU LIGHT, version ready to drink.
● NESCAU ao CAFÉ, the combination of the traditional Nescau but with a taste of coffe ● NESCAU GUARANÁ, chocolate powder with the taste of Guaraná.

● NESCAU 2.0,new formula that have Actigen-E, a powerfull combination of vitamins made in Switzerland.

● NESCAU NUTRI, new formula that have 25% less sugar and also have cereal such as wheat, oats, barley and rice.It is recommended for kids between 4 and 7 years old.

● NESCAU FAST, version ready to drink but in a plastic package with a lid.


The companies’ objective is maintaining a quality relation with the customers for them to be loyal to their product and always buy it. For that to occur, the customer has to be satisfied, and for that, the relation benefit-cost has to be positive. Customers estimate which offer they believe will deliver the most perceived value and then buy it. The value equation is, in a simple way, the benefit-cost ratio. The determinants of customer perceived value is a comparison between Total customer benefit and Total customer cost and that includes Product benefit, Services benefit, Personnel benefit, Image benefit and Monetary cost, Time cost, Energy cost and Psychological cost. The value equation also includes quality, comparing features and characteristics of the product such as taste, color, size, label, design and others.

The product is one of the most consumed chocolate powder in Brazil. The brand try always to keep up the product updated, doing researches of flavor and nutrition. Nescau is also offered in different types as the most famous chocolate powder, such as, ready to drink, Nescauball (chocolate), Easter egg, cereal, cookies and others. It offers an original cocoa flavor, different types of vitamins, no fat and low calories.

For Nestlé, the consumer's opinion is very important. Because of that they offer different channels to keep in touch with the customers: • Serviço Nestlé ao Consumidor (SNC) that meets the...
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