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How can societies help protect their citizens against serious infectious diseases? (Your choice to focus on Vaccines, Alternative Medicine or Antibiotics)

To protect ourselves against serious infectious diseases, we have several choices, for (Perlstein)example vaccines, alternative medicine and antibiotics. There are however, positives and negatives to all of these choices. Citizens have a responsibility to be informed about medical choices and the consequences of their decisions.

TASK – Under test condition you will write an essay on the above title. * Step 1 (lesson 1) – Fill in the Section A – research support table * Step 2 (30 min homework) – Finish any research and start planning your essay (section B&C). * Step 3 (lesson 2) – Finish planning your essay and start writing the essay. Submit just the essay to at the end of class. * Step 4 (optional homework 30 mins) – Research any other points that you want to use in your essay and proof read what you have written – do not write any more. * Step 5 (lesson 3) – Finish the essay making any changes or additions. Sign the checklist and resubmit to

Submission method: essay submitted to and printed copy due:

In your essay you must:
* Focus on ONE method of protection against infectious disease (Vaccines, Alternative Medicine or Antibiotics) and explain how it offers protection against your chosen disease. * Focus on ONE (possibly two) infectious diseases e.g. Polio, Cholera, Smallpox, Rabies, Influenza (Flu), Tuberculosis (TB), Ear infections, Sinus infections, Pneumonia, Whooping Cough, BirdFlu, Hand foot and Mouth. * Describe the disease and how it is infectious

* Consider the benefits and limitations of your chosen method of protection against your chosen disease(s).

Other questions you are encouraged to cover:
* How has your method of protection changed societies locally and/or globally? (S) * What is the situation today around the world with the disease you have chosen (compare two different continents)? (E,P, C, ET) * Who has access to your chosen method of protection and why can’t everyone access it? (P, S, M, E) * What effects do decisions by governments/scientists/parents have on your chosen disease/method of protection? (P, Et, S,C) * What are the costs of your chosen method of protection? (Ec, Et, P) Method of protection:Vaccine | Disease(s):Polio |

Section A – Research Support Hand-out Use the Referencing tool in Word or noodlebib or easybib) 1. Have guiding questions before you start researching. What questions do you want answering? 2. Always ask yourself if your research helps your main idea. 3. What data will support your ideas?

4. Use Google tips on how to search for information
5. Don’t cite Wikipedia/answer/yahoo/ehow unless you it’s from a reliable author. Try and find the original source of the information. 6. We are sharing some good resources here:

Advantage / Disadvantage| Social/ economic/ political /cultural/ environmental/ Ethical/ Moral*| Fact (can be cut and pasted BUT use quotation marks)| In text citation | What was the key point (NO CUT AND PASTING)| Disadvantage| Social| Poliomyelitis or polio is a virus that causes a serious disease. It is spread from person to person. Most of the time, polio has no symptoms unless it goes into the blood. It is uncommon for it to enter the brain or spinal cord. If this does happen, it can cause one to become paralyzed.| (Poliomyelitis)| The key point of this was stating that polio is a virus which can spread from person to person. It usually doesn’t have symptoms unless it goes into the blood.| Advantage | Social| | | Two polio vaccines and the first type were tested in 1952. Since the vaccine came out from 350,000 cases to only 1,600 cases.| | ( S, M, E)| | | Everyone cannot access the polio...
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