The Future Status of English as the Global Language is Assured

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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Write an argumentative essay based on the following topic:
Agree or disagree with the following statement:
The future status of English as the global language is assured. Writing an argumentative essay requires especially careful planning. You should follow the steps: Step 1 Clarify in your mind what the two sides of the argument are. Decide which side you agree with. Step 2 Write a thesis statement.

Step 3 Research the topic to get ideas and Supporting reasons for both sides of the argument. The readings in the word document provide material for your essay. You should use quotations, summaries, paraphrases or synthesis from the appropriate parts of the readings (or from other sources if necessaries) to support your argument. Step 4 Decide whether you will use block or point-by-point organization. Then develop an outline. Step 5 Write your first draft. Write an explanatory or an attention-getting introduction, as you prefer. Step 6 Use the Checklist and revise your essay.

Step 7 Exchange papers with a classmate. Review each other's essays and give a comment and score according to the following criteria. 注意事项:
1. 不能写成两篇材料观点的综合,必须有自己的观点。 2. 如何使用两篇材料:要求先读懂两篇文章意思,知道双方在争议什么。之后,确定自己的立场。可使用其中一篇文章的观来支持己方观点,使用另一篇文章的观点为反方观点,逐条进行反驳。如果感觉用于论证或者反驳的材料不够,也可以增加一些其他渠道的材料,注意不能跑题。 3. 互评同学按照下面的标准给分并且给出理由。作者本人如有意见,可以在下面做出回应。 互评标准及结果

1. Language (grammar, spelling,, etc.) 20% ________________ 理由:
2. Language (style: formality, complexity, objectivity, explicitness, hedging, responsibility) 20% ____________ 理由:
3. Organization (Introduction, Body paragraph, Concluding paragraph) 20% _______________ 理由:
4. Organization (Unity, Support, Coherence) 20% ___________________ 理由:
5. Reporting (quotation, paraphrase, summary, synthesis) 20%___________ 理由:

The future status of English as the global language is assure...
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