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1.5Assignment – Independently

The argument that I picked was Argument A. I chose this argument because the compass and straightedge were used before computers. rafting with these tools is the foundation of all geometric constructions. One instrument lets you draw circles and the other lets you draw straight line segments. When constructing figures in geometry, you must understand how to use these instruments. Although technology is good, it is critical to understand the basis of any new technology. With the use of the compass and straightedge, you have basic knowledge of geometric construction in case a drawing program has glitches or computer fails. I feel that when you use a computer drawing program that the software is doing the constructing and you are not. Therefore, when constructing geometric figures, it is necessary to understand and use the compass and straightedge. The three reasons why the method of using a compass and straightedge is better are because the first proportional compasses were invented in the sixteenth century. Since the Greeks first began constructing geometric figures using the compass and straightedge, drafting has evolved with technology. Before technology can be implemented effectively, an understanding of the basic tools is needed. The compass and straightedge are the basic tools used for constructing geometric figures and students should learn how to use them. The second reason that students should be able to construct geometric figures using a compass and straightedge is because drafting by hand is a time proven method that represents a manual link from the brain to the hand without the computer software in the middle. Any computer failure, misunderstanding or gliche in drawing software is eliminated with the understanding and use of a compass and straightedge. Drawing programs allow users to create drawing using a computer. I feel that the computer software is doing the constructing with...
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