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Chapter 9: Muscular System: Histology and Physiology

Multiple Choice

1.The capacity of a muscle cell to shorten forcefully is known as A)contractility.
Answer: a
Level: 1

2.Muscles exhibit the property of excitability. This means that the muscle A)shortens its length.
B)recoils to its original resting length.
C)stretches beyond its normal length.
D)responds to stimulation by the nervous system.
E)excites itself.
Answer: d
Level: 1

3.Identify the statement concerning general functional characteristics of muscle that is true. A)Muscle tissue shortens forcefully but lengthens passively. B)Muscle tissue shortens passively but lengthens forcefully. C)Muscle tissue can get shorter, but can not get longer.

D)Muscle tissue can get longer, but can not get shorter.
E)None of the above statements are true.
Answer: a
Level: 1

4.Identify the statement concerning skeletal muscle that is true. A)It comprises about 20% of the body's weight.
B)It propels urine through the urinary tract.
C)Its function is largely under involuntary control.
D)It is a kind of connective tissue.
E)It is responsible for locomotion.
Answer: e
Level: 1

5.Which of the following actions is caused by contraction of skeletal muscle? A)contraction of the heart
B)moving your feet in walking
C)movement of food through the G.I. tract
D)emptying of the urinary bladder
Answer: b
Level: 2

6.Smooth muscle and cardiac muscle are similar in that they both A)are under involuntary control.
B)are striated.
C)are widely distributed in the body.
D)have multiple nuclei.
E)are under voluntary control.
Answer: a
Level: 1

7.Which of the following is true?
A)Skeletal muscle is capable of spontaneous contraction.
B)Smooth muscle is found in the walls of hollow organs.
C)Cardiac muscle cells have multiple nuclei.
D)Smooth muscle cells are long and cylindrical.
E)There is a small amount of smooth muscle in the heart.
Answer: b
Level: 1

8.Hypertrophy of skeletal muscles from weight lifting is caused by an increase in the A)number of muscle fibers.
B)size of muscle fibers.
C)number of striations.
D)number of nuclei within the muscle fibers.
E)number of muscle cells.
Answer: b
Level: 2

9.Skeletal muscle fibers
A)possess striations.
B)can contract but are not extensible or excitable.
C)do not require nerve innervation to contract.
D)increase dramatically in number after birth.
E)are found in the walls of the stomach.
Answer: a
Level: 1

10.A fasciculus
A)is a bundle of reticular fibers.
B)is surrounded by perimysium.
C)is only found in smooth muscle.
D)possesses an external lamina.
E)is a bundle of collagen fibers.
Answer: b
Level: 1

A)surrounds individual muscles.
B)separates muscle fibers.
C)connects muscles to bone.
D)is a type of muscle tissue.
E)is a type of nerve tissue.
Answer: a
Level: 1

12.Endomysium is a delicate network of loose connective tissue that A)surrounds each muscle fiber.
B)forms a sheath around a fasciculus.
C)is composed of elastic fibers.
D)separates individual muscles.
E)penetrates muscle fibers.
Answer: a
Level: 1

13.Which of the following connective tissue layers is outside all the others? A)perimysium
Answer: c
Level: 1

14.List the following structures in order from smallest to largest. 1. muscle fiber
2. myofilament
3. myofibril
4. muscle fasciculus
A)4, 2, 3, 1
B)2, 1, 4, 3
C)3, 1, 4, 2
D)2, 3, 1, 4
E)1, 2, 3, 4
Answer: d
Level: 2

15.Muscle myofibrils
A)are found in the sarcolemma.
B)extend from the sarcolemma to the T-tubule.
C)contain myosin and actin myofilaments.
D)hold muscle cells together.
E)do not appear striated.
Answer: c
Level: 1

16.The region of the sarcomere that contains...
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