Women S Abortion Rights

Topics: Abortion, Human rights, Reproductive rights Pages: 7 (2090 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Céline Mwangi
March 19, y

My Body, My Choice!

There is a lot of ethical issues and laws that are put in place declaring and permitting what individuals can and cannot do. Abortion is the most controversial issues faced in today’s society. It is the procedure of destroying and removal of the zygote/fetus in the womb in order to end a pregnancy. This issue raises questions of whether the fetus is considered a human life and if it has the same value as the mother carrying it. How can we consider it a human being when it is not living outside of the womb and has to rely on the woman’s nutrients and body for survival? I personally believe that life does not really start at conception, however starts when the child is born. My opinion on this issue is that abortion is a private matter and is a decision that should only be left to the mother without any interference from the government and society. In Canada women are lucky enough to have the privilege of having the rights to their bodies however there are a lot of questions and concerns regarding this issue. Abortion should also be seen as the start of women’s control and rights when it comes to matters regarding their bodies. In this paper I will be supporting the view that abortion is morally acceptable especially with the many circumstances to consider and also the Canadian public should accept that it is a fundamental human right in the constitution. I will present feminists’ own points of view as well as other sources to support my argument.

Abortion is divided into two opinionative groups, these are the pro-choice and the pro-life supporters. Pro-choice supporters argue that the woman has the right to have a choice whether to have an abortion or not. The pro-life supporters are the opposite and believe that life begins at conception and having an abortion is a form of murder done to an innocent child. However some of them support the idea that abortion should only occur if the pregnancy was a result of rape, incest or illness that the mother might have that can harm both mother and child (Kuss). I find this view flawed and hypocritical due to the fact that they strongly believe it is murder however they also make exceptions for it. What makes the fetus conceived as a result of a consensual sex more important and valued than the one of rape / incest? There is no difference at all, therefore it is absolutely ambiguous to have such views and it is not right to question the choices and decline service to those women who want to have an abortion.

I believe it is acceptable for a woman to resort to abortion, in the case that the woman lacks financial support, they cannot offer a stable home for the child. Most women are too young and not ready to accept responsibility. I find it to be acceptable for women to choose abortion as the solution to their problems because it is not fair to the mother nor the child to live in an unstable environment wether financially or mentally. For example abusive households, drug addiction in the family which result in the neglect of the child. What pro-life supporters fail to understand is that, once the fetus is brought to term and a child is born, it is the woman who will be responsible for it. None of them will be there to support her with everyday needs. Who will pay for daycare? Who's will buy diapers? Who will pay the bills? They neglect to see it is all left to the mother and the resources or the lack of.

One other reason that I am pro-abortion is the life-changing circumstances that face the mother especially in teen pregnancies. The young woman is faced with the decision of staying in school or giving all that up in order to care for the child since it becomes her man priority in life. Not only does it affect their education, but also some teens are kicked out of their parents house mainly because of the shame they have brought to the family. Therefore it is unfair for the child to be brought into this world...
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