Abortion in Canada Should Remain Legal

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Human rights Pages: 5 (1785 words) Published: May 15, 2011
“Abortion is not a crime in Canada but it is an area of the law” (Duhaime, 2010) that isn’t black and white. It has been completely legal since 1988 and our government should keep it that way. For as much as some people are anti-abortion or ‘pro-life’ they need to understand that women have abortions for a variety of reasons one being that an abortion can actually benefit the unborn child. Those who are anti-choice also claim that abortion is wrong because it violates the rights of the fetus, but what about the rights of the woman? It is a woman’s right to decide what she does with her body and though it is much debated; a fetus by logical argument is not a person and does not hold any rights. Finally, even if abortion was made illegal as it was many decades ago, desperate measure to abort unwanted children would be taken by many expecting women, with dire consequences. It is from these four statements that one can say that abortion should continue to be legal in Canada.

“It is not always in the best interest of the child to be born” (Jacob, 2006). A great example comes from the book Abortion under Attack. It features a story from a girl whose father never wanted her. She “suffered emotional abuse of hearing on a regular basis that she was unwanted and unwelcomed.” (Jacob, 2006) A lot of children are sadly born into this type of unloving environment when a mother is too poor to afford an abortion and doesn’t have the support to take care of the child or when they are born into a strained relationship. When a child is born to parents who don’t want them, would it not have been in their best interest to have been aborted? Rather than be subject to emotional or physical abuse or loveless lives in group homes, they could have never had to experience any of the pain; they never would have known. The fetus is not a conscious being, so when it is aborted it feels no pain; it is as if it never existed.

In other cases, a child who born to a woman who heavily used drugs throughout her pregnancy won’t have a fair chance at life. Why put an infant or child through that type of stress and withdrawal. A potential mother who is a heavy drug user should abort any baby that would have been consummated during the times she was using because that will cause unnecessary harm to the unborn child therefore it is not in the best interest of the child to be born.

Another instance would be when a couple wants to have a baby but a healthy relationship isn’t in place. By healthy relationship we’re talking about one that isn’t full of anger and violence. If you bring a child into an unhealthy environment, full of negative energy it has a great impact on their development. An example of how negativity can affect the development process is seen in Dr. Emoto’s book Messages in Water. In his book he does an experimental study of whether negative words like “you fool” have a different effect on water formations than positive words such as “love” or “appreciation” (Emoto, 2008). He found that negative phrases and words create large clusters or will not form clusters, and positive, beautiful words and phrases create small, tight clusters. In basic terms negative words and positive words have different effects on the structure of ones make up. So bringing a child into a negative environment isn’t fair to them in two ways, the first being that they weren’t asked to be brought into the situation and the second being that they are going to be emotionally abused or traumatized from the constant violence. From this one could conclude that it would have been in the child’s best interest if they were never born and brought into the situation.

“Only persons have a right to life, human organisms are not persons before birth therefore human organisms do not have a right to life before birth.”(Jagger, 2009) A fetus is completely dependent on a mother to survive, if removed from the womb it would die. A human can independently survive when put on its...
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