Women Hobbies

Topics: Cooking, Woman, Haile Gebrselassie Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Hobbies Preferred By The Women
Can you imagine the women walking into each shop in the megamall and try every shoes, clothes, and handbags for 8 hours straight without even feeling tired? Even Haile Gebrselassie, world’s best long-distance runner can’t do that! According to the research done by a group of students from the University of Melbourne, women love to go shopping, grooming, go for a massage or spa, reading, singing, cooking, art &craft and so on. Despite being so passionate about their hobbies, not every woman shares the same hobbies. Although it is regarded as the most favorite’s hobbies, shopping is just one of many hobbies preferred by the women. Shopping is one of the hobbies preferred by the women and is very synonym with women. When I want to talk about shopping, the first thing that will pop out in my head is woman buying things. Although it does sound simple and considered as a light activity, shopping can and will eventually suck out every ounce of your stamina over time and making your legs begging for a massage. However, these creatures from Venus seem not affected by this at all. Most women are so passionate with this hobby till the point where they can eliminate the fatigue just like that even after spending more than 4 hours walking and shopping. Another common hobby shared by most of the women around the world is cooking. Cooking is a wonderful womanly hobby and art that they can enjoy with their loved ones. Women cook for various reasons. Some people just love the taste of good food or they enjoy the time spent cooking together with their love one. While for some women, cooking food has been more than just about feeding one’s body. It is their way to nourish a soul, a relationship, especially with their family members or their loved ones. A hearty meal with family and friends, give them a sense of happiness and appreciation. Sometimes when their family members get into trouble, they will cook, and things...
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