Shopping: Retailing and Smaller Self-service Shops

Topics: Retailing, Milk, Hypermarket Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: May 12, 2013

This is a favourite topic especially for women. Most of them enjoy shopping , very often buying things which even don’t need. A woman goes to the supermarket to buy bread , butter and milk but her attention is attracted by many nice things such as new type of detergent, chocolate biscuits, cereals for loosing weight or new type of cheese. In half an hour she is approaching the cash desk with a full trolley and spending here all her cash. This is something what most of men can’t understand it. But for women is very hard to resist temptation among thousands of bargains and sales. I must admit, I don’t like shopping in such big supermarkets where are crowds of people. I hate queuing at the cash desk and especially on Fridays. People may think they can’t survive weekend without massive shopping. It doesn’t matter if it is in Carefour, Kaufland or Globus. People complain they haven’t got money all the time, but have you ever been in your local supermarket on Friday afternoon? Then you can’t agree with previous statement. I like computers and books. I don’t mind spending some time in a bookshop or a computer shop. I like to know the news from this branch. But unfortunately computers are very expensive hobby, so I can’t do shopping in computer shop very often. With books it is a better, but I can´t buy every single book, what I want and which is interesting for me. What can I say at the end? Shopping is not my hobby, I would prefer reading and working.

Comparison of prices in big supermarkets
and smaller self-service shops

There are such big differences between shops and shopping before and after "velvet revolution " in 1989. Before 1989 there were the same shops with the same types of goods for the same prices. For example you could be absolutely sure that milk cost 2 crowns in Prague, Brno or Bratislava. When you were lucky and could you to visit some foreign country in west Europe, you could see the differences at once....
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