Critical Analysis of the Successive Supermarket in Hounslow, “Asda” or “Tesco” or “Morrison’s”.

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Critical analysis of the successive supermarket in Hounslow, “Asda” or “Tesco” or “Morrison’s”.

The main aims and objectives of this proposal are
1. To analyze the successful supermarket in Hounslow.
2. To analyze and evaluate the reasons that made it the most successful one. 3. To evaluate the defects of the equivalent opponent supermarkets. 4. The marketing strategy that made it successful.

5. To make recommendations for the competitor to gain the top position in the Hounslow.

This proposal research is done across Hounslow and among the three supermarkets that stood among the top big 4 in UK retail markets. Supermarkets are nothing but self service stores which are probably in the form of a grocery store which have a variety of household merchandise, food etc. They sell every household product that are essential for the regular daily use. They are usually large in size well organized into various departments depending on the type of the product. They are even found as small convenient stores and are limited in the range of the products that are sold in that.

They typically contain dairy products, fresh products, meat and baked items. They also even sell packaged goods, canned, pet supplies, pharmacy items, cleaners, clothes, alcohol etc. They also sell regularly used household products. The size and location of the supermarket also matters for the success of it. These two factors contribute a lot for the business as they have many advantages. A suburban market occupies a large amount of space. If such a supermarket is located near to the residential areas then it accounts to a good success as such supermarkets relatively sell low priced goods, convenient shopping hours may be for 24 hrs and good parking facilities. The supermarkets opt for lower margins by having sales in large volumes.

This proposal of mine deals with the leading supermarkets of UK “ASDA”,”TESCO” and “MORRISON’s” in Hounslow. This topic is an essential topic as it deals with the success of one supermarket among the two leading in the UK supermarket chain. Hounslow is the area where people mostly of a certain community live. Such areas are very peculiar for any business as customer satisfaction is very important for its success. As the main success of any business lies in the way it deals with the customers. Tastes and the products vary with the people. Imagine of solely selling beef burgers in India absolutely no doubt the business shuts down in days. Definitely in any part of the world when we plan a business there should be an exact planning about the business and the tastes of the people in that region and whether the business survives there. 2.1 Top most supermarkets in UK:

The main market share of the UK supermarkets comes from Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison’s. These four markets are called the big4. These are the biggest in UK market. Hounslow which means the land of hunting. It was located on the Great West Road. The major population in Hounslow is of Indians. The people here had arrived from India after independence. They were brought here by the British Empire to serve them as workers. After few years their population had increased due to migrants from India and also from Asia. Out of the top 4 supermarkets there are only 3 in Hounslow. Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s are the three top supermarkets in Hounslow besides there are also few good ones like Iceland. Here we are going to compare among the three top supermarkets. 2.2 Asda:

Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Limited was the first name of Asda when it was founded in 1949 in Leeds. It 1965 the adoption of name Asda was made after the merging of the Associated Dairies and Asquith supermarkets chain. Its name was abbreviated as Asquith and Dairies. It had many mergers and takeovers in the early years and in that process it had sold out The Dairy division and it had no...
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