Women Empowerment

Topics: Human rights, United Nations, Millennium Development Goals Pages: 10 (3191 words) Published: August 26, 2012
Quote from a women from a village from Rajasthan

``I want to live in dignity, I do not want to be reduced to a state of helplessness where there is no respect for me as a human being - yes, that's what I want, I want to live in dignity.''

According to the village women, to live in dignity means fulfilment of basic needs like clean water, toilets, fuel, food and house; education, freedom of speech, clean environment, freedom from violence, justice, society where men and women are treated equally; mobility, exposure to the outer world.

Abstract -: Women consist of a major and a very important part of the world population and their participation in the development of mankind is very essential at all levels but extremely critical at the grass root level. Most of the women at the grass root level are not imparted with good education as they are dominated by male society and suffer from gender inequality. In this essay we will discuss how communication for social change can play an important rolein women empowerment, gender equality, and education in the light of participatory model of communication, edutainment and discuss the UN Millennium goal that focuses on Gender equality and women empowerment keeping in mind articles of Universal declaration of Human rights. This essay will also discuss how a women from different backgrounds act as a catalyst for change in villages of Rajasthan, India at the grass root level as act as a role model for others.

Women have played a vital role in development of society since ancient times. Their contribution has been exceptional at all times but the irony is that they have never been appreciated in male-dominated society because of their gender. Gender inequality has been the major cause of women community being left underdeveloped in most parts of the world. Because of these inequalities women are far away from enjoying their human rights like education, right to live, speech and various other basic rights of women has a human being. They have been debarred from getting good education, exposure to a good lifestyle and have been treated as slaves in the hands of male society. They have always suffered from gender inequality, lack of empowerment and have been left marginalized at every stage of their lives in most of the societies(Rohini Pande, 2009) This kind of gender biasness has been seen in almost all the societies of the world especially in the Arab countries where women still are left on the mercy of men and suffer from inequality and have no say in the society even in the 21st century (Lisa Beyer, 2001)

In few countries women are still not allowed to excise their right to vote and express their liking in the development of the country or state. They have no say in politics of the nation as it is believed it’s not their area of expertise or interest they should restrict themselves to household work and give birth to children and raise them. This inequality on bases of gender or sex has led to human rights violations at every step for women community in all most all the countries and especially the developing nations of the world. (Chattopadhyay 2004)

Even in India, women suffer from the same root causes of been left ignored. If we go back to the history of Indian culture, women were given a very high position and respect in the society and there role in the society was glorified and presented in the epics in various historical stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata. But on the other hand women have suffered from gender biasness, gender inequality and oppressionby men in various spheres of life since earlier times. After Independence of India in 1947, constitution of India gave equal right to its citizens irrespective of their sex but the irony is that even till today both the sexes are treated unequal and do not enjoy to excise their fundamental rights and well as human equally.

With globalization, changing mind set of men, society and considering women place in...
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