Woman Rights

Topics: Sharia, United States, Pakistan Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Do you ever wonder if woman’s rights are universal or do they vary all over the world? How the roles of woman are now different based on their location in the world. Woman should have the same opportunity as men. “Equally rights”. In places such as India, Taliban and South Sudan woman are having their right held against them. These women have hard times getting what they need and want. Throughout this the rest of this passage I will go deeper into their living environment and everyday life.

In South Sudan Rose Mary Adare and her two-week-old baby was dragged out of their home at gun point in April over issues of domestic violence. In their community neighbors intended to run to the rescue of the woman but the armed men scared them away. “We wanted him to calm down so that we talk to bath of them”, said a neighbor, Michael Amula Joseph, the husband and a respected Commissioner General for the state Revenue Authority that is what made the situation so horrible. Lilian Riziq, the president and Chief Executive Officer of South Sudan Empowerment Network said it for herself “It is unfortunate that South Sudan Does not have family laws that protect woman. Citizens in South Sudan disagree with this law simply because there female children cannot get a good education and support from the government that they need. When couples got to the police station the police don’t do anything. “Woman in Sudan have the legal rights to be accorded with respect and dignity”, said South Sudan Police Spokesperson Major General Biar Mading Biar. In Taliban Malala Yousafzai a 15 year old activist was gun down by Pakistani because she a dream. A dream of going to school and becoming a doctor. She wanted the ability to go to school but that was not going to happen. The Taliban gun men ordered an end to female education. They would call off school days. “She symbolizes the brave girls of Swat,” said Samar Minallah, a documentary filmmaker who has worked among Pashtun women. “She knew...
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