human dignity

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Human dignity

Nowadays human dignity is everywhere, to the public place, to the political, economic, social or medical concept. Dignity is defined as a moral, legal, ethical or political term that means a being has an innate right to be treating equitability. Every human being has the basic right of equality, respect, freedom, acceptance, and to think, express his moral beliefs. According to human rights doctrine, “Human dignity is a universal, indivisible, independent, and interconnected concept”. “Human dignity is also an open concept. The meaning varies with the development of the apparatus of human rights protection” (Buijsen, M, 2010). Human dignity involves respect through the society and the culture because people come from different universes as families, countries, and religions so their beliefs could make up different system of morals. My essay will be examined by exploring two key perspectives on the issue: First it will be on the Dignity and inequality. This part underlines the notion of dignity at the centre of health care and how actions can improve health in an ethical framework. This perspective raises fundamental questions around dignity, inequality and autonomy. Marmot, M wants try to improve medicine and patient care with an equal treatment between them. The other perspective, will examined the Health-care counter reform in United States. It opposed two main ideas between the American government and the Catholic social teaching in the health-care and the patient protection. This perspective pointes out how Obama Care, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, reformed the health insurance industry and the American health care system as a whole. These two perspectives underline not only the human dignity as the properly concept but also as a multidimensional term.

Heath-care is one of the issues the most difficult to reasoned in human dignity concept because many approaches can be considering differently. Does Human being have the right to choose or not? Does someone has or has not human dignity because his or her past? According to Dignity and Inequality (2004), “dignity must be in the centre of health in order to improve it”. Richard Horton raised two fundamental questions about human dignity. “What is dignity, is it an absolute? And how does it relate to other concepts, can we measure it, how does it relate to inequality in society? We cannot give a proper definition of human dignity but following these questions, Marmot answered that all humans deserve the right to the basic health-care because we don’t have dignity if we are not able to express autonomous control over his or her life. This idea is founded on the fact that there are two basic human needs: “ health and autonomy”. (Doyal and Gough). Without these two concepts, humans cannot have a dignity. The main idea in this perspective is inequality and dignity are dependent. Following Marmot’s idea, the dignity can be reduced or increased relative to our place in the society. That suggests, “ our set of social arrangements are crucial” (Marmot, M, 2004). Relative to this idea, I think that the perspective should belong in the quadrant 1A because as Kant, Horton or Marmot believed, dignity is absolute and we have to treat someone with respect. “ I should treat you as if you were Socrates rather than a pig”(Marmot, M, 2004). 1B can also belongs in the quadrant because without our capacities we can’t have dignity. The patient has to be autonomous, responsible and control himself. Last, 2B also can belong because Marmot said, “excessive inequality is linked to reduction in individual dignity “. If the dignity can be reduced the dignity can be lose. The society can determine the degree of human dignity in function our social position. This perspective may have influenced first of all by Marmot‘s background. First, he was in a poor family of immigrants into East London where both of his parents left school very soon. During his...
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