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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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“The Guided Tour” is a book I picked up from my work office library. It’s a 13 chapter book explaining many different sectors of the wind turbines, but I’m concentrating on the history of wind energy chapter 12. This chapter covers wind turbine pioneers Charles F. Brush and Poul la Cour and what they are famous for. This chapter also covers the development of wind turbines over time and also covers onshore and offshore wind turbines. This chapter is very helpful and contains sufficient information for me to start my research. Though lots of information is very brief, I’ll be able to use that info to expand my research. Holst, J. (2007). History of Wind Energy. In The Guided Tour (1st Edition, pp. 195-222). Frederiksberg, Denmark: Danish Wind Industry Association. This article was taken from Excelsior’s library. It provides a lot of vague information in the history of the author talks about is too recent for my intended research. On page 191 section 4 provides very valuable information about the history of the wind turbines. Some of the information is redundant to the previous referenced book. This article for the majority part was not helpful for my research. To me the information seems very opinionated. Nielsen, K. H. (2010). Technological Trajectories in the Making: Two Case Studies from the Contemporary History of Wind Power. Centaurus, 52(3), p175-205. 31p. 2. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0498.2010.00179.x I found this article while performing a search on Internet. This article covers wind turbine history as early as 1887 to present time. Unlike the book The Guided Tour this article also introduces James Blyth. He is famous for having a 10 m high turbine with cloth blades. I believe this article is going to help me tremendously with my research paper. Though it has detailed history it also has detailed information on concept design wind turbines. Patel, S. (2011, April 1). Changing Winds: The Evolving Wind Turbine. Power Business and...
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