Environmental and Social Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms in Botany Bay

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Environmental and Social Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms in Botany Bay;

When planning offshore wind farms the following impacts are studied to make sure the purposed project has a net benefit environmentally. Steps can then be taken to manage any negative impact resulting from the construction of the wind farms.

Environmental Impact:
Botany Bay has a diverse marine life the impact of the wind turbines on the environment; have surprisingly shown to produce artificial reefs. A recent study; “Effect of the Horns Rev 1 Offshore Wind Farm on Fish Communities”(Leonhard, Stenberg, Stottrup;2011) has produced positive results illustrating the turbines have no adverse effect to the marine life; and has actually increased the population of some species of fish in the area. It is also shown the most disturbance will coming in the construction stage of production.

Wind farms also would have effects on the local bird-life; as both a collision risk with the rotors and disturbance and barrier effect to migrating birds. Botany Bay is noted to have close to seventeen species of shorebirds prompting the need for further research to be looked at bird behaviour the area.

Social Impact:
Many studies have been developed to review wind turbines effect on the health of people; an Australian study “Wind Turbines and Health” (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2010) concluded that overall wind farms have minimal health effects compared to health burdens of conventional electricity generation.

The concept of “wind turbine syndrome” includes the worse of the adverse health issues; involved in hear loss and insomnia resulting from noise levels of the wind farms but it is generally believed to be a nocebo reaction to the presence of wind turbine. The noise level of 10 turbines at 350 metres is 35-45 dbA, in comparison to a standard quiet room being 35 dbA.

The main legitimate health issue includes annoyance impact by locals and according to World Health...
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