Efficiency and Effectiveness of Wind Power Generation

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  • Published: November 8, 2012
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Efficiency and Effectiveness of Wind Power Generation
With the reckless energy demand in the 21st century and the growing of global warming, which made by environmental pollution, energy supply has become the constraint and an obstacle to the economic development of many countries. To solve these kinds of puzzles, which can respond to the climate and energy challenges., people now pay more attention to all kinds of new type of renewable energy, which is good ecologically. Wind power is one of the optimal energy, which has great prospects. Wind is the movement of air across the surface of the earth, from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure (Anon, 2010). Wind goes through the turbine motor then drive the machine to produce electricity, which is wind power generation. It is currently already used widely in many jurisdictions because of the attractiveness, significant negative externalities, and the performance which human society civilization progresses. Wind energy as an inexhaustible, clean, and also environmentally friendly energy, which is gradually paid more attention by people around the world. However, it also has some problems. Wind power generation needs to pay a lot to achieve operation, which made various countries to have a cautious consideration about that. But as wind turbine technology improves, costs may come down, become cheaper as turbines continue to grow in size and manufacturers drive down costs. So in this essay will make a sketchy overview of wind power generation. The wind used by people early mainly by windmills to pump water, flour, and now, people interested in is how to use the wind to generate electricity. If the power of wind can be utilized effectively, the non renewable energy will be replaced by wind power. Also, the reserve of the wind power is extremely huge. The global wind energy is about 2.74*109 MW and the available amount is 2*107 MW, which is ten times larger than the overall water energy that is available...
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