Summary of the Island of the Wind and Wind Power Puffery

Topics: Solar energy, Wind power, Solar power Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: March 17, 2013
In “The Island of the Wind” the author Elizabeth Kolbert states that the finding of new creative solutions to reduce excess carbon discharges, and the building of reusable energy models have been found as new answers to climate change and fuel derived from prehistoric organisms. In this article it discusses how power is one of the basic and essential needs of our planet. It is the basis of mostly everything from the function of our homes to automobiles; therefore, to reduce the carbon footprint a group of individuals came together and created a new innovative solution involving geothermal power. In the early 2000’s results started showing that hydrocarbon deposit use had been reduced to half the amount which was once used. Years later, the importation of electromagnetisms was no longer a must because, the land was instead transporting it to other places, and the amount of production which was being done used from reusable material came out with the outcome of producing more energy than it was using. The invention of machines with rotors played a huge role in this project. It generated anywhere from the middle of twenty million to eighty million each year. With the total of these numbers, there was enough demand in meeting all of the lands supply of electromagnetism, along with supplying the entire population. In addition to these energy machines, there was also teleheating.This system was being used for distributing space heating and aquatic heating to generated locations such as residential and commercial living. However, in order for telaheating to properply run one main source must be present. In this case that would biological material from living, or recently living organisms. Therefore, this process provides higher efficiencies and cuts more than twenty hundrend tons of carbonic acid yearly. On the other hand, in the article “Wind Power Puffery” written by H. Sterling Burnett, the author argues that geothermal power is often overly praised with the results...
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