Why I Want to Attend College

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Why I want to attend college
Going to college doesn’t just mean getting an education, to me it means succeeding to a level of learning to where I can make something of myself and be proud of it. People say they want to attend college because they just want a good paying job, but that really doesn’t mean anything. Going to college to get a high level of education puts you in a rank of succeeding to the top. I, myself would love to attend college to reach those high peaks that I call my goals. I’d like to turn my goals and dreams into reality and not only live a wealthy life but know what I’m doing in this place we call the world.

I plan on majoring in criminal justice and learn about the studies and curriculum of the major. I hear it’s all about thinking critically on methods and problem solving skills. With college, I can reach that goal and succeed in my major as well as my minor for communications. I’m ready to experience the life of being on my own and have a purpose for what I do so that I can go further than most. Many are happy with their life but only have enough to “just get by”. But, I don’t want that for myself.

College is my opportunity to make something of myself and actually get by and be happy with the knowledge I learn. I will be the first one in my family that will be attending college. I am the first born child of the generation of my family, so this would be a major step of change to my family’s generations. Attending college would be my way to express what I want to do and where I want to be in my life. I don’t want to get too caught up in the college life than become a drop out and make nothing of myself; I believe that I have a purpose. The determination I have now and towards my future tells me that I KNOW I can go future with the help of college.
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