The Decision to Attend College

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The Decision to Attend College
Making the decision to attend college can be a difficult one. Not everyone views going to college in the same manner. Some people may think it is too much work to do, while others are thinking it is the only way they will be successful in life. Even though everyone’s opinions are different, it is becoming more apparent that college is now a necessity in life. College can provide people with much opportunity’s to choose from in life. The decision to attend college is stressful and can become over whelming. If someone does choose to attend a college, this provides a person with three main advantages in life. Attending college provides job security, significant income, and higher education.

When people first think about attending college they should realize by making this choice they are securing themselves within a career. In today’s society, the number of jobs is limited. Almost every time I look in the newspaper all jobs are now requiring some kind of training within that line of work. If people are able to find a job that requires no college or job training, they will most likely be working for minimum wage. When students chooses a career and attends college to get the education needed to fulfill that positions requirements they are giving themselves the opportunity to have a stable career throughout their lives. Attending college can be challenging and a lot of hard work; however, the payoff makes up for all the work and time spent in school. This decision can be one of the best in life because without attending school someone may be left without anything in life except meaningless jobs with no advancements.

Also when a person chooses to attend college, he or she is also saying that he or she want to be financially stable in life. It is known that if a person has experience or training in the field he or she is working in their pay will be higher. Most business in today’s society is trying to cut back on cost to save money...
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